Christmas Activity at Toys R Us in Korea

We went to Lotte Mall today.  My daughter needed to go birthday shopping for her husband, and she wanted to see if the new Christmas candy had come in at the candy store at the mall.  I thought it would be a great time to see the Christmas decorations the vendors were putting out at the mall. My daughter suggested me go into Toys R Us because she said Korean parents really love their kids and have a tendency to spoil them, so even if they don’t get a Christmas tree at home, they would get toys, so we went into Toys R Us.  The Christmas decorations and toys were there, and there was a lot more too.20181201_163623.jpg



There were lots of nice Christmas decorations for sale.

First, I noticed the Christmas decorations.  There were lots of people interested in them, but when they saw me put up my camera to take a picture of the decorations, they backed away. There are lots of nice decorations, so I went ahead and took pictures of some of them for you,



After that, we ran into a guy playing with a yoyo. My daughter was trying to figure out if he was playing with the store’s merchandise or if he worked there.  He was doing a great job with that yo yo!  I took a video for you.  We finally figured out that he worked there.   The videos look like they are on their sides, but when you watch them, they turn right side up.



After that, we ran into a guy who was flying a remote control airplane around over the toys.  I got a video of that for you too.  The video pauses a couple of times, so don’t give up when it pauses.

A Christmas tree in Toys R Us with Super Hero Lego blocks under it.
A Christmas tree in Toys R Us with Harry Potter Lego blocks under it.



Next, we saw a big Christmas display, and I went over that direction and got more than I bargained for.  If you remember me blogging about my son in law working as a clown, there was a Korean girl clown was working in Toys R Us.  She was dressed like a giant doll, and the little girls were loving what she looked like.  they all wanted to talk to her and have their pictures taken with her.  My daughter’s idea of checking out Toys R Us was good.  I hope you enjoy the videos and pictures I took for you.

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    1. What a shame they have closed in America! I used to shop there for my kids at Christmas because I knew they would have the stuff all kids like. I wonder why they closed.

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