Christmas Decorations Have Come to Our Favorite Food Court

Every Tuesday evening, without fail, my daughter, my son in law and I meet at 6:00 at the food court at E-Mart in Gayang Dong, Seoul, S. Korea.  This week, we were all in different places and playing phone tag to make sure we would all be there.  My daughter came from work. I came from the dentist’s office. My son in law came from home because he had the day off and was studying.  I was the first one to arrive.  The first thing I noticed is that they had decorated for Christmas, so I decided to show you some of the  nice things they did.

The entrance to the food court

To begin with, they decorated the entrance way. On one side of the entrance, you can see a string of white deer, and on the other side, they have red deer and snowflakes.

The Christmas tree

As you walk into the food court, the thing that hits you, of course, is the Christmas tree.  It stands on one side of the food court over by the couches.  They have wrapped a lot of empty boxes and put them below the tree to make it look like gifts.  I also noticed a Santa Claus on a gold string next to the tree.

Paper Santas are hanging all around the food court from the ceiling. You can also see the people are really enjoying the tree.

There are paper Santa Clauses hanging randomly around the food court from the ceiling.

Inside the bakery at the food court
The bakery window had nice big stars.

In the bakery part of the food court, they had a really special display of Santa, a reindeer, and some garland.  On one window in the bakery, they had big stars.


Watch the video so you can watch the Santa too.

After I took pictures in the bakery and headed back for my chair, I noticed a family in front of the Christmas tree.  They had discovered that they could make Santa go up an down that gold string. It was nice, so I took a video of it for you.

These white outfits are Taekwondo outfits.

After the family sat down and I sat down, I noticed all kinds of kids running up to the tree in awe.  These kids probably won’t have a Christmas tree at home.  Except for a few cases, usually, the Christmas decorations in Korea are used commercially, but families don’t always put up trees. These kids were just thrilled with the tree!  Two of the kids had on Taekwondo outfits.

I loved to see their reaction to the Christmas tree and Santa.

Almost every little kid in Korea takes Taekwondo lessons. It is the Korean karate, and if you meet a Korean, more often than not, that Korean was probably raised taking Taekwondo lessons, and they probably have a back belt.  My daughter also took Taekwando lessons even though she is American.  When my son was here, instead of Taekwondo, he took Gumdo lessons. Gumdo is the art of Korean sword fighting.  He was pretty impressive because he was this big, broad American guy that was over 6 foot, and he had long red hair then.  When he got out there and begun swinging his sword and flipping holding his sword, you could just feel his power. He looked like a character out of one of the video games. The Koreans he worked out with had impressive skill too, but he had more than skill. He had real power that came naturally with his size.  When I met my son in law, I was really surprised because every Korean I had met told me they had studied Taekwondo growing up, but my son in law didn’t.  Instead of Tawekwondo, he went to Han Moon classes, classes that taught him the Chinese Characters which many Koreans can no longer read, and to read their older books, you must know these characters.

They were really enjoying the tree!

Anyway, the food court looks nice.  I was happy to see all the people, especially the children, enjoying the Christmas tree and the Santa Claus because they probably won’t be putting these in their homes.


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