A Crocheted Scarf for a Christmas Gift

If you have been reading my blogs, you will know that my Korean son in law asked me to try to make all my gifts homemade.  He thinks everyone would like to get a homemade Christmas gift from me. That is actually a tall order because I have four kids, two son in laws, one daughter in law, and a granddaughter. That doesn’t count if I would try to include my Mom or anyone else which, at times, I do include more than my kids. Before Christmas, I try to get boxes sent out to those who live in America who I love, but it is really hard to shop and get everything there, but this year, I am trying to make Christmas gifts.  That puts a little more crunch on it, but I understand that a homemade gift means more than one that was bought because of the way I was brought up. My dad told me that a homemade gift means you spent time for someone and shows that you really care.  On my son’s birthday, he didn’t want me to send him anything, so I baked him a birthday cake and sent him pictures, but since I can knit and crochet, I am trying to knit or crochet things for people, but it takes time. If everyone doesn’t get something, there just wasn’t enough time to make something for everyone, but I am trying.  This time, I just finished a scarf for someone to wear around their neck in the cold weather. Because of the colorfulness of the scarf, I will have to give it to a girl.

I began with 8 big granny squares.

I have shown you two ways to make granny squares, with single crochet and with double crochet.  I made this scarf with double crochet, so if you want a granny square that looks like the ones I made, look a few blogs back and you will find how to make this granny square.  If you want a plainer granny square made with single crochet, you can look a little further back in my blog and find how to make one like that too. As I said, you can make almost anything with granny squares, so they are a good thing to know how to make.  I began with 8 big granny squares.

I decided to use white yarn to put the granny squares together and to finish the scarf off because if I finish something like this in white, to me, it is like putting icing on a cake, lace on a dress, or sprinkle something with snow.  Since this is worn in winter, sprinkling it with snow seems right, and since it is so colorful, and I decided a girl should get it, putting something on it that reminds me of lace or cake icing is right, so I put the scarf together and put the finishing touches in white, and it matched the middle of the granny square, so I thought it looked good.

I connected two granny squares together at the corner with a single crochet into both granny squares using white yarn.
If you can see, I am connecting 2 granny squares together. I did another single crochet in the corner.
I single crochets both granny squares together all the way across, single crocheted in one granny square down the side, then I single crocheted another granny square to the other side of the the first granny square.


First, I took two granny squares, then I connected with with a single crochet in both in a corner space. I single crocheted in the same space through both granny squares again, then I single crocheted in each double crochet all down the side of the two granny squares to connect them.  After that, I single crocheted up the next side of one of the granny squares.

Next, I got another granny square and connected it to one of the granny squares in the same way I had connected the first two.  I made sure they were all in a row. I crocheted in both squares all the way across, then I crocheted up the side of the granny square.

This is what the corners looked like.  To make the decoration on each end, I connected the yarn into a corner.


I just kept on connecting granny square after granny square in a straight row like this and crocheting on all sides of the granny squares until all the squares were connected and all the sides looked fished with a white edge all the way around.

To make the decoration on the ends, after I connected it into a corner, I chained 10.
I double crocheted in the second chain from the hook.
I just kept chaining 10, double crocheting in the second chain from the hook, chaining 10, double crocheting in the second chain from the hook all the way across the end of the scarf.
The finished scarf: You can see that all the edges have been single crocheted in white and both ends have big loops to decorate it. Pretty scarfs are popular with girls, and one of my daughters or daughter in laws will like this, and it will keep them warn this winter.

Next, I decided some more decorating needed to be put at each end. I thought about tassels or fringe, but I didn’t want to do that. I finally decided to put big loops on the end that were similar to tassels or fringe, but connected.  I connected my yarn to one corner with my crochet hook.  I chained 10, then I double crocheted in the second double crochet in the last round from the hook.  It created a large loop.  Next, I chained 10 again, then again, I double crocheted in the second double crochet in the last round from the hook again. I chained 10, and I just continued doing the same thing again and again until the end of the end of the scarf.  I fastened the yarn off and wove it back into the scarf.  I did the same thing on the second end.  It was a bit more interesting than just traditional fringe.


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