Korean Topoki

Usually, I am the one who cooks at our house because my daughter works full time and goes to school in the evening, but from time to time, my daughter takes over and makes something special for her husband.  This evening, she decided to make topoki for him.  Topoki is one of his favorites as it is with most young Korean people.  I have seen it often in a spicy red sauce, but there is another kind my daughter likes to make with a soy sauce flavored sauce which tastes must better to a foreigner and to my Korean son in law who just doesn’t think like a traditional Korean.  This is how she made it:

This is the packaged mix she used. The last time she made it, she made it from scratch, and she was happy to find a packaged mix.
She soaked the dock in water for 20 minutes.

First, she took plain rice cakes and soaked them in water for 20 minutes.  She says you can leave them longer than 20 minutes, and they would be even better.  These rice cakes they make topoki from have a specific shape. Look at the picture to see the shape.

The soy sauce and garlic sauce mix.
These three packages were inside her topoki packaged mix.
She added the mixes and the dock to the water in the frying pan.

Next, she got a frying pan and put a cup of water in the frying pan.  She bought a packaged mix to make her topoki, so she didn’t have to actually make the sauce, but next, she put her packaged sauce mix in the water. The sauce is made of soy sauce and garlic.  She also added a package of sesame seeds and dried onion into the water.  She turned the fire under the frying pan and mixed the sauce.

She cooked it until the sauce thickened and the dock got soft.
My daughter and son in law both enjoyed a dish of topoki.  There are two forks in the dish because they ate it the Korean way and shared the same dish.

Next, she poured the water out of the dock that is soaking. Add she added the dock to the sauce she was cooking. She let it all simmer together until the sauce thickened and the dock was soft, then she turned the fire off because it was ready to eat. I would have liked to try it, but I didn’t because I am on a diet, and had had my quota of calories for the day.  My daughter said when she ate it, it was good, and she recommends it, but for her personally, it was slightly spicy, but most people would like the spice.  It isn’t as spicy as the topoki in the red sauce though.  This is a favorite of the young Korean people.  They like to eat at parties and at fairs.

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