Candy for Christmas

Every Christmas, we not only make candy, but we also go to a candy store and buy Christmas candy we can’t make.  When we first came to Korea, candy stores weren’t  easy to find, and we had to travel across Seoul to the Express Bus Terminal where there is a mall to find a candy store.  However, now we are much luckier, and we can find fancy candy closer to home.  The place we usually go to get our Christmas candy is a shop at the mall called Beeny Weeny. 20181125_163433.jpg

One Halloween, my daughter bought this at Beeny Weeny for me full of Halloween candy. That is a blinking light at the bottom that blinks in several different colors.
Beeny Weeny at Lotte Mall is the only place in Korea we have seen traditional Christmas candy canes.
Beeny Weeny is decorated for Christmas.
Not traditional Christmas candy canes, but more types of candy canes in different flavors.
These look like Christmas candy. They are small slices of watermelon gummy candy.

Beeny Weeny is always good about carrying holiday candy. On Halloween, we also go there for Halloween candy.  Beeny Weeny is the only place we have seen Christmas candy canes in Korea. We didn’t see them even at the Express Bus Terminal mall.  Beeny Weeny not only has traditional candy canes, but they also have all kinds of other interesting candy canes of different flavors.

A kind of special Sticks sold at Beeny Weeny.
Another special kind if Sticks sold at Beenie Weenie.

If you remember when I did the blog about Stick’s Day, Beeny Weeny also carries sticks.  They don’t carry just the regular sticks like you find in places like E-Mart and Home Plus. They carry fancy kinds of sticks with flavors and colors you don’t always find in the regular stores.


This is just a small portion of their jaw breakers.

These are huge lolly pops.
These are gummy bears, dogs, cats, turtles, etc.
Gummies that look like berries.
Gummy eggs, but I bet they don’t taste like eggs.
Gummy army men


The number of jaw breakers is endless!  They have not just gummy bears, but all different kinds of gummy everything like fish, eggs, frogs, etc. There were so many different kinds of gummy everything that I couldn’t get pictures of all of them for you. They also have huge lolly pops.

Chocolate covered pretzels
These look like rocks, but they are little pieces of chocolate. My daughter loves chocolate and likes to keep these around sometimes.
Fancy chocolate in packages
More fancy chocolates in packages
They even sell chocolate that all Americans know and love.

You can’t forget about chocolate. There are lots of chocolate things at Weenie Beenie too.  They have turtle candies like my dad used to eat which I think would make a nice Christmas candy. The have all kinds of chocolate balls. I have no idea what is inside all of them.  They also have kinds of chocolate in packages that everyone is familiar with.

Many Americans may recognize this candy.


People in my family know that I love red licorice.  Beeny Weeny carries the closest you can find to it.  These are strings of licorice in different flavors, and I even see some red strings in there. My daughter likes to buy this for me from time to time.
A store can’t be full of candy without also having bubble gum.
Just like you should have expected, this store is full of kids!  They love this store.

The shop is always crowded with families that have children.  The children love this shop!  Didn’t you expect that?  My daughter and son in law love this shop too, and they are in their 20’s.  The thing I like about it is that I can get the nice traditional candies for holidays. Like everyone else, I like candy, but I don’t eat candy like my daughter and son in law do.  To them, candy is a staple of life.

The store is just full of families with kids.

There was a time that sugar didn’t exist in Korea, but the Koreans have really caught up with the rest of the world.  There was a time since I have come to Korea that it was harder to find shops like this, but this kind of candy is in several places like book stores, toy stores, the movie theater, etc.  Beeny Weeny is giving the Koreans who have a sweet tooth exactly what they want. I don’t have to ask you if you are ready for Christmas candy because I know everyone is. I hope you all get your favorite candy at Christmas.

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