Fish Patties

This evening, I made tuna patties. However, you don’t have to have tuna to make this patties. I have made them with salmon and with mackerel.  When I was growing up, my mother used to make salmon patties, and I loved them.  I made them when I got grown, and then we began travelling. In Nigeria, I couldn’t find salmon.  The fish in the cans in Nigeria was mackerel.  They were in tomato sauce and full of bones.  I just cleaned the bones out and washed the tomato sauce off and did the same thing I always did for salmon patties, and they were good.  Here in Korea, if you go to the grocery store, there is a whole aisle of different kinds of cans of tuna, so now I make tuna patties, and they are good too. I have decided that any kind of canned fish you have works with this recipe.


Salmon is sold in bigger cans than the mackerel was and the tuna is, so when I make tuna or mackerel patties, I use more than one can.  I used two cans of tuna to make my patties this evening.

Next, I put two eggs into the bowl with the fish. When I used to make the mackerel patties, I took a fork and flaked the fish and separated it, but the tuna is already flaked.  I put the eggs in the bowl and mix them into the eggs with a fork.


Next, I crunch up a bunch of saltine crackers into the fish and eggs.  If I live in a country where there are no crackers, there is no problem.  I just make toasted bread and cut it up, and I use that.  I mix the crackers or the pieces of toasted bread into the eggs and fish until it is stiff and will shape into patties easily.20181123_182703-156336023.jpg



I put some cooking oil into a frying pan and turn the fire on underneath to medium.  Next, I take some of the fish, egg, cracker mixture and form a patty, then put it into the frying pan.  I make patties out of the rest of the fish mixture and fill the pan.20181123_183207-1048693900.jpg

The fish patties are ready to eat.

I let them fry on one size until them are brown, and then I turn them over and let them fry on the other side until they are brown on the other side too.  The are finished, and we never have left overs because my family loves them just like I always have.  They are easy and very tasty. If you haven’t tried them, try, and you will agree.

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