Toddler’s Mittens

Many people know I am a grandmother.  I have one grand daughter who is a year old.  Her name is Chieko. Her mother, my daughter, is American, and her father is Japanese.  My Korean son in law has urged me to try to make homemade gifts for everyone this year, and I like the idea, and I am trying. Today, I finished knitting a pair of mittens for Chieko.

This is my Japanese/American granddaughter wearing a Korean hanbok I bought her.  She will receive these mittens. 

I began by casting on 7 stitches on a double pointed Knitting needle. Next, I cast 7 stitches on two more double pointed knitting needles.  I worked around the three needles. I did knit 2, pearl 2 for one row, knit a row, knit 2 pearl 2 for a row, then knit another row. This is called ribbing. I did this for 1 1/2 inches.

I put the stitch holder 1 inch after the ribbing.

Next, I began just knitting around and around. On the first row, I increased one stitch per needle. On the next row, I increased two stitches per needle, and on the third row, I increased one more stitch per needle, and then I just began just knitting around.  I did this for 1 inch, then I put three stitches on a stitch holder. If you look at my stitch holder, my daughter told me she knew where my American knitting tools were where she had been using them and packed them away, so I have an American stitch holder to use.

When I arrive at the point that I want to make the top a little smaller, the mitten is 4 inches long. Now, I want to cast off a bit by knitting 2 stitches into one, knit 2, knit two stitches into one, knit 2.

Next, I knit a row, pearled a row for another inch. I didn’t work around, I worked back and forth and left a hole for the thumb.  After an inch, I began knitting around again, so I changed to just knitting again so my stitches would look the same.

After another inch, I did a row knitting two stitches together, knitting two, knitting two stitches together all the way around.  At the end, I am back to 7 stitches on each needle again.

I began threading the yarn through the stitches.
I thread the yarn through all the way around.

I continued to knit until the whole mitten measured about 4 1/2 inches from the beginning to the end. I cut the yarn a length from the needles.  I then began threading the yarn through all the stitches on all the needles and took the needles out.  When the yarn was in all the stitches, I put the yarn inside of the mitten and pulled it. It shut the top of the mitten, and then I tied a knot inside.

I put the yarn inside and pulled it to close the top of the mitten. I tied a knot inside.

Next, I went to where the stitch holder was. I put all three stitches on a needle.  Next, I took another needle and picked up three stitches on one side and another needle and picked up three stitches on the other side.

I put the three stitches that were on the stitch holder through the needle and took the stitch holder off.
I picked up three stitches on each needle.
I knitted around for 1 1/4 inches.
I thread the yarn through all the stitches on all three needles.
I put the yarn inside and pulled it closing up the thumb.  I tied a knot on the inside.

I knitted in a circle until the thumb measured 1 1/4 inches.  Next, I cut the yarn a length away from the needle again.  I thread it through all the stitches on all three needles. I put the yarn inside of the mitten, and I pulled it to make the thumb close.  I tied a knot on the inside.

The finished mitten.

I made a second mitten the same way. After I finished both mittens, I knew that a little girl could lose her mittens easily, so I connected the yarn to the edge of the mitten under the thumb. I knit three into the edge of the mitten, and then I began knitting a row, pearling a row back and forth with those three stitches.  I made a long string three stitches wide to fit up the sleeves of her coat across her back, and then down the other sleeve, and then I connected it to the other mitten in the same place where I connected the other end to the other mitten.

I made a second one and connected them so she wouldn’t loose them.

I tucked all the yarn in that was hanging out to finish it off. Now, I have a nice gift to give my granddaughter.  If there is a little one in your life you want to do something nice for, and you can knit, these were quick and not hard to make.  If you can’t knit, but want to know how, look back at my blogs about how to knit, and make a gift.  Christmas is coming!

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