Our Thanksgiving Tradition In Korea

We are Americans, and we live in Korea, a long way from where all the other Americans are gathering with family and friends for turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie, and all the other trimmings you can think to thank God for their blessings.  We have heard there are turkeys in Korea, but the only ones we have seen are associated with the military base, and we are not military, so can’t join any festivities on the base unless someone invites us, and more likely than not, we aren’t invited. I have only been invited once in 13 years to the base for Thanksgiving.  I always had to work on Thanksgiving because it isn’t a Korean holiday.  Now, I am retired, but my daughter is at work every Thanksgiving, and my son in law is either at work or at school.  However, we have a tradition that works for us. When I was at the university and there were other Americans who are no longer in Korea now, I always invited them to join us, but now, it is just us.  This is what we did on Thanksgiving.

our pumpkin pie

I stayed at home, baked a pumpkin pie, and knitted a Christmas gift.  My daughter went to work, and my son in law went across town to talk to his adviser at the university about whether or not his master’s thesis was good or not.  At 6:00 in the evening, we met at Outback Steak House. This is where we go every year for Thanksgiving because we can’t celebrate how Americans do in America.

My daughter took a picture of me when I arrive.
My son in law was starved and came in wanting to check the menu out right away!

When I arrived, my daughter was already waiting.  The lady at the front door spotted me and showed me to where my daughter was sitting right away.  Next, my son in law came scooting quickly in.  He was starved and couldn’t wait to eat!  He went for the menu right away with barely greeting everyone.  We order our food, and I finally got to ask him what his adviser said. His adviser told him his thesis was good, and he will be graduating with his masters this semester.  He has worked hard at this masters!  He has something to really be thankful for, his masters will be finished!

They brought the bread first, and my daughter loves this bread, so she was really going after i!
I really enjoy the mushroom soup at Outback.

They brought the bread first.  My daughter loves this bread! It is really good.  I don’t know what kind it is, but it is brown.  She really goes after this bread when they bring it!  They also brought us each mushroom soup.   My son in law offered a prayer of thanks for us before we began eating in Korean. He speaks English really well, but feels more comfortable praying in his first language, Korean, so when he leads us in prayer, it is always in Korean.

My son in law got ribs, and I noticed that it was a much smaller amount of ribs than he ordered last time.
My daughter and I like so many of the same things, and we order the same food again.

Next, our meals came.  My son in law likes to order ribs when he goes to Outback. He didn’t order as much this time as last time we came here, and he said last time he ordered too much, so he decided to order less this time.  My daughter and I seem to agree on so many things, and we ordered the same thing.  We both got steak, french fries, and vegetables.

We ordered our steaks well done, but the Korean cook’s brains just doesn’t seem to compute “well done.”  However, the steak was good anyway.
My daughter was downright excited about them including several loaves of bread in the bag with the the meal that I couldn’t finish!
My son in law loves to see my daughter happy.  Sometimes he says she is his little puppy dog, and he is thrilled when he sees her smile.

I couldn’t finish my food. I have been on a diet lately, and my stomach must have shrunk because I had to ask for a doggy bag to take the rest of my meal home.  When they brought my doggy bag, they included several loaves of the brown bread my daughter loves so much, and she was excited!

We came home and had pumpkin pie together.  However, even though I planned to eat it even though I have been on a diet, my stomach has shrunk from the diet, and I couldn’t finish my pie.


Next, we went home and each had a piece of pumpkin pie.  We try to include the traditional things as much as possible,  After that, we began a movie together on T.V., but my daughter and son in law were just so tired they went to sleep, and I decided to blog about what we did.  That was our Korean Thanksgiving.

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