A Special Thanksgiving Service

As many people know, the last Thursday of every November is Thanksgiving, a time when all Americans gather for a big feast with their family and friends to thank God for their blessings.  However, this morning, it wasn’t just the Americans celebrating Thanksgiving.  The Korean church we attend decided to do a special Thanksgiving worship service.

One of the songs we sang this morning/ Koreans sing lots of very old songs that were translated from English many years ago. These songs are so old that in America, we don’t know many of them.


Another song we sang this morning

The prayers were all special prayers of thanksgiving to God for our blessings.  The scriptures and songs too were all centered around giving thanks to God.  Before the communion, the preacher gave a special talk talking about God “throwing” his love out there for anyone who would take it, and the ones who truly understand and are thankful are the ones who accept the love of God.  Even the sermon was about a woman who was thankful for what Jesus had to offer her.

The front of the auditorium this morning

There was a big sign up in front of the auditorium that announced that it was Thanksgiving.  There was a thanksgiving display in the front by the pulpit that was similar to a horn of plenty, minus the horn.

We began reading at verse 3.


It looks like I didn’t get quite enough in the picture, but you can see verse 29 at the bottom where the woman ran back and was so excited about what Jesus had to offer that she went and told everyone in the village. She was thankful because she knew she needed that living water, the words of God and the forgiveness that Jesus was offering. How thankful are we for what Jesus offers us?
The display by the pulpit

The preacher talked about how last Sunday was Sticks Day in Korea, and today, he wanted to celebrate Thanksgiving.  It was an extremely nice service.  As an American, I felt in a way that they were reaching back to us because last Sunday, I gave everyone in the church the sticks they give out on Sticks Day, and the preacher even mentioned what I did.

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    1. I am not really sure if they are American or English, but we sing a lot of songs that are sung in English churches in American churches, so it is actually all the same.

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