Crochet Lesson 3: A Granny Square Christmas Stocking

In my previous crochet lesson, I taught you how to make a granny square. You can do lots of things with granny squares, but I was making mine to make a Christmas Stocking. I have 16 granny squares, so now it is time for me to put my Christmas stocking together.

I have 16 granny squares.
I put two corners together of two granny squares and insert the hook into the corner chain of both at the same time.
I put the yarn over the hook and pull it back through both squares.
I chain one, and the yarn is now connected to the granny squares.

First, I take two granny squares. I put the corners together.  I stick the crochet hook through both squares in the same place. I loop a piece of yarn around my hook and pull it through.  Next, I chain one.  Now, the yarn is connected to both granny square.  Next, I  single crochet all the way across two granny squares to join them together.

To begin the single crochet, I put the hook through the bottom of two the two chains that you can see on the edge of the two granny squares.
Next, I put the yarn around the hook and pull it back through both of the granny squares.
I have two stitches on the hook, so I loop the yarn around again and pull it back through both stitches on the hook, and then I will have only one stitch on the hook and be ready for the next single crochet done in the very same way.

If you have forgotten how to single crochet, for this one, I put my hook through the top chain of both squares, I put my yarn around my hook, and I pull it back through. There will be two stitches on the hook. Next, I put the yarn around the hook again and pull it through both stitches.  I single crochet all the way across into both squares at the same time.

I slowly connect all the granny squares together.

Two granny squares connected
Here, I have connected three granny squares.

I just keep connecting the pieces. I use one piece for the toe. I use two pieces for the bottom of the foot.  I used two pieces on each side of the foot, and one for the back. I use one piece for the top of the toes. After that, I start connecting them gong up, and what I am making actually begins to look more and more like a stocking. (If you see next to me in a big plastic container, those are my Christmas decorations all ready to go up, and if you wonder what I am watching on TV. I am watching Star Trek on Net Flix as I crochet. There isn’t much room in our little bitty apartment.)

I finally get to the point that I have connected all my granny squares, and what I am making looks like a stocking. It is time to put the finishing touches like putting a decoration on a cake.


I want to make the edge at the top a little fancier.  I begin by connecting the yarn to the top like I showed you at the beginning of this blog, but I only connect it through one square since I will only be working with one square at a time.  I am not connecting two squares now, but just crocheting into one layer. After I connect the yarn, I put the needle back into the edge and make a single crochet.  Next, I chain three.  After I chain three, I slip stitch in the same space where I single crocheted.

Make the top of the stocking a little fancier. It is like decorating a cake.

If you have forgotten what a slip stitch is, I put the yarn into the same space where I made the single crochet, I put the yarn around the hook, then I pull it through both the granny square and the stitch on the hook so there is still only one stitch on the hook. If you look at the top, you can see that a nice little shell looking thing comes from what you just did.  Next, I single crochet in the next stitch on the granny square again, chain three again, and then slip stitch into the same space where I single crocheted again.  I continue doing the same thing all the way around the top of the stocking, and it looks like lace made with yarn or icing on a cake on the top.  When you get to the end, connect it at the end with a slip stitch, pull the yarn through the stitch on the hook, cut the stitch, and pull the thread. There should be a knot. Weave the end back into the stocking.  Make sure all the ends are on the inside of the stocking or woven into the stocking.

The loop will be used to hang the stocking. Here, the loop is connected, and the stitch is ready to put cut and woven back into the stocking.

After you do the decoration on the edge, You will need to make a loop in the back so you can hang it on a nail or a hook of some sort when you decorate.  I have found that it works best if you attach the yarn to the inside of the stocking down  a way.  Next, single crochet up the stocking toward the top of the stocking.  When you get to the top of the stocking, chain about 15 stitches, then connect the chain to the single crochet that you previously made on the inside and single crochet all the way to the bottom of where you single crocheted before.  When you get to the end, connect it, cut it and put a knot in it so it won’t unravel.  If you don’t do you loop like this, the loop could pull off easily because it is going to have to support a little weight, according to what people put in the stocking. If it is going to have apples or oranges in it, you really need to make it sturdy.


The stocking is finished and ready to use.

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