Pork Stew

Today, my daughter’s boss decided to send her home from work, not because she had done anything wrong, but because she has been sick a couple of weeks, and her boss was getting worried about her because she figured out that even after a couple of weeks, my daughter was still running a fever and had a sore throat.  She went to the doctor on the way home, got some medicine, and came home sleeping for several hours.  She had been wanting beef stew, but the beef has been so expensive lately, we haven’t bought any, but we bought pork because pork is always affordable in Korea. I decided that since her throat was so sore, it was time to give her the stew she has wanted, but with pork instead of beef.


I started with a package of pork cut up into bite sized pieces.  I put a little cooking oil in the bottom of a big pot, turned on the fire, and dumped the bite sized pieces of pork in the pot.  I first browned the pork.  After that, I filled the pot with water and began cooking the pork.


Next, I got out my potatoes and carrots.  I washed and peeled four good sized potatoes and then cut them into bite sized pieces.  I added them to the pot where the pork was boiling.


Next, I washed a couple of big carrots, peeled them, and cut them up into bite sized pieces. I didn’t add these to the pot.  I put them in a bowl, put a few drops of water in them, and covered them with plastic wrap, and then put them in the microwave until they were soft.  I didn’t add them to the pot to cook them with the meat and potatoes because if you add carrots, they add sweetness.  If you add the carrots to the pot, you will not longer taste the pork when the stew is finished, but only the sweetness of the carrots. When a fork is inserted easily into the carrots, then they will be soft enough.

Pull the potatoes and meat out of the broth.

When the potatoes are soft enough for a fork to be easily inserted in them, the meat and the potatoes will be done.  When the meat and the potatoes were done, I pulled them out of the pot and left just the broth in the pan.


Next, I put some milk in a cup and added 4 tablespoons of corn starch to the cold milk.  If I add the corn starch directly to the hot liquid, it will  not mix. The corn starch must be mixed first with cold milk.  I got out my wire whip, and I made sure the fire under the broth was still on, and I poured the milk and corn starch liquid into the broth using the wire whip to make sure it didn’t lump.  I let it come to a boil stirring occasionally.  I let it boil for a few minutes until the broth thickens slightly and the cornstarch taste is cooked out.  I add salt and pepper to taste.

The stew is done.

Next, I added the potatoes, meat, and carrots to the thickened broth.  The stew is finished.  I thought about adding some garlic because I know that my mother always adds garlic to pork roast, but I decided we wanted the taste of the pork to come through, so I left out the garlic.  If you want, you can add some garlic powder to the soup.

My dinner

My daughter appreciated it. It was just what she had been wanting. When you have a sore throat, soup is always good, and stew is thick soup.  Sometimes, I make homemade bread to go with stew, but my daughter surprised me by coming home early today, so I didn’t have the chance to make homemade bread. We ate crackers with it.

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