Beginning Crochet: Lesson 1: Making a Chain



I think I bit off more than could be chewed today. I thought I would teach you how to make a Christmas stocking by crocheting. I thought the easiest way would be to begin by teaching you to make a granny square.  However, the more I worked, the more pictures I took, and I realized if you have never tried to crochet before, all those pictures could be overwhelming, but they are necessary, and I was just trying to give you too much at once, so I slowed down.

To begin with, I am going to teach you how to make a Christmas stocking. I am also going to teach you how to make a granny square, but slowly, step by step.  Granny squares are great things to know how to do because if you can make granny squares, you can use them to make Christmas stockings, sweaters, blankets, etc.  I have used them for many, many things.  Even teaching a granny square in one blog, though, I realized was too complicated, so I decided that I would break it down into separate blogs.  In this blog, I will just show you how to make a chain.  Any time you crochet anything, you begin with a chain.  Chains can also be used for other things like hair ties, tying packages up for Christmas, etc.  It is just according to how long you make them.

You need to begin by getting some yarn and a crochet hook. A larger hook is better for yarn.  Next, you need to take your yarn and wrap it around one of your fingers.

Make sure the yarn is crossed when you put it around your finger. You are going to use the long piece you see on the bottom of this photo next.
Take the long piece and poke it up through the whole where you take your finger out to make a loop.
Pull the loop up so there is a knot holding it.
Put your crochet hook through the loop, and then pull the yarn to make it fit the hook.
Next, take the long part of the yarn and loop it around your little finger on the hand that you are not holding the hook with.
Next, pull the yarn around the little finger and in front of the palm of your hand, then wrap it around your pointer finger.  The yarn leading from your pointer finger should be connected to the yarn on the hook. The yarn coming from the other end of your little finger should be connected to the ball of yarn.
Next, use your hook and hook it around the yarn connected to your pointer finger.
Use the hook to pull the yarn it hooked back through the loop on the hook.  You have made one chain stitch.


Hook the yarn again and bring it back through the loop on the hook again. Keep doing it again and again.

Here is a chain with three stitches.

If you want your chain longer, just keep doing the same thing until it is the length you want, then cut the yarn. Make sure the last loop only has a single piece of yarn through after you cut it. You cut it right in the middle of the stitch, and then pull. There should be a knot in the end so it won’t pull out.  As for me, I only made a chain with three stitches  because this is the beginning of the granny square I am going to teach you to make in my next blog so I can teach you how to make a Christmas stocking with granny squares.  If you want to learn more, look for the next blog on making a granny square.


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  1. Finally got around to reading this. I used to crochet. It is much more complicated in speech than in doing.

    1. I began thinking I would teach how to make a granny square in one blog, but it was too complicated to explain, so I tried to take it a step at a time beginning with a chain. The other blogs may have been too hard, but I know this one was easy to understand.

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