Goosebumps 2; Haunted Halloween

I was planning on making dinner this evening when I got a text message. My daughter was asking me to meet her and her husband at the mall because she wanted to do something fun.  She wasn’t sure what she wanted to do, but she has a break from her school, and she wants to use her break time having fun.  We thought we would probably go out to eat and maybe watch a movie.  First, we went to see what was on at the movies so we could see how much time we had for dinner.  We found another Jack Black movie, Goosebumps 2; Haunted Halloween, and ended up eating dinner while watching the movie instead of at a restaurant because we had just enough time to buy the tickets and refreshments and go in.

The magic ventriloquist dummy

At first, I didn’t see Jack Black, and I wondered if we were mistaken. The main characters were initially, a teenage girl, her brother, and her brother’s friend. A little later, a magic ventriloquist dummy showed up in the movie, and I recognized that Jack Black was doing the voice of the dummy, and I thought, “Okay, he is the dummy’s voice, but we won’t see him.”  However, I was wrong.  He did finally show up toward the end of the movie as an author who wrote about the dummy so actually created the dummy. However, he hadn’t finished his book because everything had come to life, and he wanted to hide the book and the dummy because they had caused so much trouble. He bonded with the teenage girl because she also was trying to write an essay to get into college, and she wanted to be a writer.

Can you imagine gunny bears coming to life, growing big, and coming after you?

However, there were two boys who were trying to begin a junk business, and they found the dummy and the book in an old house.  That is when the movie actually began getting strange, when the dummy showed up.  At first, you think the dummy is good because he was good to the boys. However, he doesn’t quite understand being good. If he hears someone he likes mad at someone else, the person they are mad at are in trouble.

The magic ventriloquist dummy turns the store clerk into his side kick henchman who does anything he wants.

The kids and the older sister figure out the problem, and they begin trying to stop him from causing trouble.  However, it makes him mad, and he wants a mother.  He wants their mother as his mother, and he makes Halloween haunted because they rejected him.

Jack-O-Lanterns sprout wings and shoot seeds like the are guns.

There was an unexpected actor who I am sure made all the Koreans happy.  His name is Ken Jeong. He played the crazy neighbor, and he was good, but crazy and funny.  If you have seen the show “Community College,” he played the crazy Spanish teacher who taught Spanish, but wrote Korean on the board, if you looked really close.  He was really funny on “Community College,” and he was funny in this movie too.

The movie poster

I think the movie was meant to be a kid’s creepy Halloween movie, but it was good.  My son in law sat there after the movie was over still glued to the screen and was sorry he hadn’t watched Goosebumps 1.  At the end of the movie, there was also a part that showed that they will probably make a Goosebumps 3, and my daughter and son in law say they are going to be looking for both movies, Goosebumps 1 and Goosebumps 3,  because they really liked it.


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