Ginger Chicken

This evening, I made a meal that my daughter requests from time to time because she loves it.  Ginger chicken is a Japanese dish.  I didn’t eat it in Japan. I found it several years ago in a Japanese cookbook and thought it looked good, so I tried it.  I was just experimenting. My daughter loved it!  I have actually lost that book, but my daughter never forgot my experiment.  What was my experiment, became a staple at our house because she liked it so much.  I have since lost the Japanese cookbook, but the recipe remains in my head because of my daughter.  This is how you make it.

I began by putting a little oil in the bottom of a frying pan.

The ingredients are boneless, skinless chicken, ginger, sugar, soy sauce, and cooking oil, and I usually cook white rice to serve on the side.  I begin by putting the rice on to cook.  After that, I put some cooking oil in a frying pan and turn the fire on under the pan with oil to medium.

I was lucky and found a ginger container with holes in the top like a salt shaker.

Next, I put the chicken in the pan.  I used to use the larger sized pieces, but this time, I used the small pieces, and I like the way the small pieces cooked better.

I sprinkled each piece of chicken with ginger.


Next, I sprinkled sugar on each piece of chicken.
Next, I sprinkle soy sauce on each piece of chicken.

After I put the chicken in the pan, I sprinkle ginger on every piece of chicken, then on top of that, I sprinkle a little sugar on each piece of chicken. Lastly, I sprinkle a little soy sauce on each piece of chicken.  I let it cook a few minutes, and then after a bit, I turn it over.

I just keep letting it bubble up and simmer. If the bubbles get too high, I turn it down.
I turned the chicken over.
I sprinkled it with ginger, sugar, and soy sauce again and just kept cooking it, after a bit, I turned it over again to make sure the sauce is all over the chicken.

After I turn it over, I put the ginger, the sugar, and the soy sauce on it again.  I just kept cooking it.  It begins to boil up, and if it boils too much, I turn the fire down. I just keep cooking until I am satisfied the chicken is done all the way through.20181107_181752-1619531336.jpg

When I use the larger pieces of chicken, it takes longer than when I use the smaller pieces.  A sauce naturally forms in the pan with the chicken, and the sauce is really good.  If you use the larger pieces, the sauce is thicker and blacker because it has cooked longer, but it still tastes fine. It isn’t burned. It is just the sugar and the soy sauce  that makes it look black.  This time, I used small pieces of chicken, so I didn’t have to cook it as long, so the sauce is brown.  My daughter says that sometimes she makes this sauce without the chicken just because it tastes so good.20181107_183252-1521982712.jpg

When I eat the chicken, I put white rice on the side, and I put some of the sauce over the white rice, and it is good. My daughter is right. However, I am not as much of a food fan as she is.  She is very enthusiastic about food, and about this dish in particular.

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