A Big Demonstration Happening Now in Bangwa dong, Gangseu-gu, Seoul, S. Korea

On my way home in the middle of the afternoon, I ran into quite a sight!  There were policemen everywhere!  There were crowds of people.  Some were carrying signs. Others were flying flags, both Korean and American.  Someone was yelling over a megaphone!  However, I really didn’t understand what was going on. I began asking questions, and some of the questions made sense, and some of them didn’t, but I finally got it figured out.

This is the focal point of the demonstration. There is a name on the yellow sign. It is Kim Seong Tek.


The man on the stage with the megaphone kept yelling,  “Kim Seong Tek! Kim Seong Tek! Kim Seong Tek!”  That is a person’s name. I googled him, but I couldn’t figure out who he was.  I asked my daughter, and she didn’t know either. I sent a message to my Korean son in law, and he didn’t know who he was either.  I called Hanul, my Korean friend, and she said she really didn’t know, but she thinks he is a politician.  The man on the stage also kept yelling “Chooka handa! Chooka handa! Chooka handa!”  Was he yelling “die, die, die!” ? No one I asked knew for sure.  Other than that, everything else he was saying went over my head.

This man held his sign up for me to take a picture.  It is about cleaning up politics.

I took pictures of some of the signs, and tried to ask people what they meant. The best answers I got were from my Korean friend, Hanul.  She said they were calling for them to clean up politics.  Cleaning up politics seemed to be the point of the demonstration.


I asked one old man what was going on and he just said in Korean, “Bad!” and walked on. I asked another, and he just growled at me and walked on,  I asked an old woman, and she said something that everyone I asked didn’t understand.  I asked the man who worked in my building, and he really didn’t know, but he was headed to find out.

The men in with yellow jackets are policemen.


There were big long lines of Police Buses.  There were policemen everywhere. They were wearing masks because the yellow dust from China is setting hard on the city right now.  I even had warnings come to my phone from the Korean government about the yellow dust yesterday.

You can see lots of Korean flags being waved here.
In front of the building, there is a makeshift stage, and the man with the megaphone doing all the yelling is on that stage.  I even see Kim Seong Tek written in the window of the building.


You can see they have both Korean and American flags, and on the sign, it says “Kim Seong Tek,” the name of a politician.

As I am sitting here writing this article, I can still hear the man with the megaphone screaming outside, and I am at least a block away, and he is still yelling, “Kim Seong  Tek!”  There is an awful lot of commotion going on down there.  I speak Korean, but not quite enough to know exactly what they are causing all the commotion about.  Koreans usually don’t get violent, so I am not worried, but they are noisy!

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