Traditional Korean Story: A Korean Cinderella: Kong Chuee and Pat Chuee

Once upon a time, a little girl’s mother passed away, and her father married again.  The step mother already had a daughter.  After they were married, the girl’s father passed away.  The name of the the little girl was Kong Chuee.  Her step sister’s name was Pat Chuee.  Kong and Pat are both different kinds of beans.  Chuee means mouse.  Kong Chuee was a very good little girl.  Pat Chuee was a naughty little girl always causing trouble.  Kong Chuee’s step mother treated her badly.  She spoiled her own daughter, Pat Chuee and made Kong Chuee work very hard in the house, like a slave.  She bought beautiful clothing for her own daughter, but Kong Chuee had to dress in rags. 20181104_212816-1-857157622.jpg



The angel girls in Heaven saw what was happening.  They saw that Kong Chuee was a very obedient girl and did everything she was told to do.  They saw that she was kind and good, and they liked Kong Chuee.20181104_212926-1-1947774583.jpg

One day, there was a party.  The step mother gave Kong Chuee a lot of work and didn’t even consider letting her come to the party.  She took Pat Chuee to the party.  Kong Chuee stayed home to work like she was told to do hoping that she could get her work done quickly and then go to the party, but she didn’t know what to wear because all her clothes were so old and ragged20181104_212945-11897672784.jpg


An angel girl from Heaven appeared to Kong Chuee.  She decided to help her weave some beautiful cloth and make a beautiful dress so she could go to the party.  Kong Chuee was happy! Her work was done, and she had beautiful clothing, so she could go to the party! 20181104_213031-1446036514.jpg

She was late, but she set off for the party.  On the way, she ran past a lake. She lost one of her shoes at the lake and couldn’t find it, but went on and enjoyed the party.  When her step mother saw her at the party, she was confused and unhappy that Kong Chuee was there, but Kong Chuee had a good time at the party.20181104_213050-1-1667899635.jpg

On the way home, they looked for Kong Chuee’s shoe.  The step mother found it.  However, the step mother decided that it was so pretty that Pat Chuee should have it, not Kong Chuee.  Kong Chuee tried to tell her that it was her shoe, but she just wouldn’t listen.  There was an disagreement about the shoe. 20181104_213109-11047559353.jpg

The step mother took Kong Chuee to the magistrate, an important man who worked in the emperor’s palace.  She was so sure they would let Pat Chuee have the shoe. However, the magistrate could see that it was Kong Chuee’s shoe, so he gave the shoe to Kong Chuee.20181104_213127-12045406767.jpg

When he met Kong Chuee, he thought she was beautiful and fell in love with her.  He asked her to marry him, and she accepted, and they lived happily every after.

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