“The Magic Clock in the Wall”

Jack Black is forever funny, no matter how he looks on the poster! I enjoyed this movie. Hanul said she was afraid it was too scary for little kids even though it said for all ages, but I disagreed.  I watched “The Tell Tale Heart” by Egdar Alan Poe when I was in elementary school, and all it did was entice me to want to read Egdar Alan Poe’s stories.  Egdar Alan Poe had nothing funny in his stories, but any movie Jack Black is in is going to be funny.  Yes, there were scary parts, but Jack Black is popular because he is funny.

Jack, his friend, and his nephew, the three main characters.

The three main characters and good guys are Jack Black, a good warlock, his neighbor, a good witch, and a little boy, Jack Black’s nephew.  The boy’s parents died in a car crash, so he was sent to live with his uncle that he had never met.  When Jack Black gets him at the bus, Jack is wearing a kimono, and everyone is asking, “Are you wearing a robe?”

Jack is wearing a fez, and his friend has brought cookies.

When they get to Jack’s house, there are Jack-O-Lanterns all over the front porch, and someone says, “You must like Halloween,” but that isn’t why they are there, and you don’t learn until later exactly why they are there.  The neighbor also shows up to complain because Jack has been playing a trombone at 3:00 in the morning and keeping her awake.  If it is cockeyed, Jack will do it.

The movie poster/ Jack looks evil here, but he isn’t.

His house is cockeyed too.  The house seems to be alive. The furniture moves itself around and seems to have opinions.  The pictures are constantly changing. However, initially, Jack’s nephew doesn’t realize he is a warlock, and is creeped out by the house and plans to leave, but the house likes him and won’t let him leave.  When the nephew figures out that Jack is a warlock, he asks Jack to teach him magic.  A next door neighbor walks right into the house without knocking, and she is a witch, but she spends her time baking cookies.

Jack doing magic.

The three of them, Jack, his nephew, and his neighbor play cards, and Jack and his friend from next door are cheating for Jack’s nephew.  They keep changing the boy’s cards with magic so he will win. Now, Jack is wearing a fez.  Of course, if it is goofy, he will do it.  The goofiest he got in this movie was becoming a baby.

There is a complication, though, because there is a bad witch and warlock.  They are responsible for the clock in the wall that is driving everyone crazy, but that is not the complication. At the beginning of the movie, the warlock is dead, and everyone thinks the witch is dead.  They really mess things up, but I am not going to tell you the whole story. They are the ones who turn Jack into a baby, but his nephew is responsible for restoring order.

Jack’s witch friend using her wand as a rifle.

Jack’s lady friend is quite limber.  She slides through windows easily. She does flips, and she runs around with a wand using it like a gun shooting the pumpkins when they become evil.  I wish I knew the actress’ name because I have seen her in many things, and she seems to be a popular actress.

I won’t tell you the whole story, but I recommend the movie.  Jack looks like the bad guy on the poster, but he isn’t.  He is still funny, and he is a good guy.  All the way through the movie, Jack and his neighbor who is a witch that he hangs out with lets the little boy know that they are not “kissy faced,” but just friends. However, they call one another names like they hate one another.  The boy is into words, and he tells them they should use the word “platonic.”

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