Girl’s Day Out in Seoul, S. Korea

Usually, on Saturdays, my daughter and I always go out to Burger King for lunch and then go grocery shopping. After that, we always come home because my daughter is a student, and she needs to study.  However, today was different.  My daughter told a friend of ours, Hanul, that she didn’t have any homework, so Hanul called this morning and asked us to meet her in Hong De (the area around Hong University in Seoul: “De” actually stands for dehakyo (university)).  Hanul wanted to do lots of things, and decided today was the day.

There are lots of interesting things to do and see in Hong De.

To begin with, Hong De is an area where lots of students hang out, so there are lots of interesting shops and businesses up and down streets where only people walk.  The young people as well as foreigners hang out there because there are so many things to do.  We saw a “Cat and Comic book Cafe.”  We saw a shop where you had to read Japanese to know it, but the sign said in Japanese, “Japanese get 10% discount.”  We saw a Virtual Reality place where you go in and put on some glasses and everything becomes almost like the Hollow Deck on Star Trek.  You feel like you are actually in a place, but it is actually only pictures.  There are lots and lots of interesting things to do in this area.

Even teddy bears have a good time in Hong De.
The virtual reality sign.
The sign in front of the Japanese restaurant/ They brought the meat half raw and a hibachi pot for us to finish cooking it.

The first thing we did was go out for lunch at a Japanese restaurant.  They said it was Japanese, and the food was technically Japanese, but they chose to find all the spicy things that Japanese eat and serve only those things.  Yes, it was Japanese food, but this is still Korea, the land of spicy food.

A sign for a cat and comic book cafe.
The sign for the Raccoon Cafe.

After we went out for lunch, our friend, Hanul, said there was somewhere else she wanted us to go.  She walked us all around using the GPS on her phone.  Finally, we came to the Raccoon Cafe.  It was quite interesting.  I had heard of a cat cafe and a dog cafe, but this is the first time I had heard of a raccoon cafe.  No, they don’t eat animals in places like that.  Seoul is a big city, and many people want pets, but their apartments are too small for pets, so they go to places like cat cafes, dog cafes, and raccoon cafes to pet the animals.  They get the enjoyment of being with the animals without having to own one or take care of one themselves.  If a Korean owns a dog, they are usually the little bitty dogs that girls can carry in their purses.

Even some of the buildings have interesting architecture in Hong De.  This is the building where the parking attendant stays.
These are hats with faces and ears that have long things hanging down on each side for sale.  Yes, it will probably be college students who buy something like this, and the store owners know that, so they are out front.

After we went to the Raccoon Cafe, we headed back toward our house to Lotte Mall.  We wanted to see if there was a good movie playing, and we found one.  It was called something like “The Magic Clock in the Wall.”  I am not sure if I got the name exactly  right because I only saw the name in Korean. It was staring Jack Black, and he was funny as usual even though the poster for the movie made him look evil.

Yes, Jack Black looked evil on the poster, but he wasn’t the bad guy in the movie, just a silly guy as usual.

After all that, we finally went to Burger King for dinner, then finally got our grocery shopping done.  It was a long, but good day.  I told Hanul that I had been blogging about Korean traditional stories, and she decided to share another one with me during dinner, so in future blogs, I will be telling you the story Hanul told me today.  My daughter says she read a good one too, and told me part of it.  She wants to re-read it before she tells me the story.  I love stories, and it looks like people are going to tell me some traditional stories to tell you. We left home about 11:00 in the morning and didn’t get home until 8:00 this evening.  It was a much longer day than we realized it was going to be, but a good day.  I will be making some more in  depth blogs about some of the places we went today for you.

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