Turkish Delight

Remember “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe”? (Chronicles of Narnia) What did the little boy, Edmond, sell out his brother and sisters to the White witch for?  Turkish delight.  Have you ever eaten Turkish  delight?  Well, we read the book and saw older versions of the movie before the new movie came out and always wondered what Turkish delight was. We wondered how it could be so wonderful that Edmond would sell his brother and sisters out for it.  We have found Turkish delight here in Korea, and ever so often, we go to get some because it is good!  I don’t think I would be selling someone out for it, but if you think about the fact that Edmond was a little boy away from his parents because of a war, he might have a tendency to be a bit selfish and want something nice.  I’m not excusing what he did, but little boys need treats sometimes, and he really wanted one badly.  Turkish delight really is a treat!  Where do we find it?

The top shelves have different kinds of Turkish delight, and the bottom shelf has difference kinds of baklava.

There is a Turkish bakery over in Itaewon that has wonderful Turkish delight. You can buy it in Home Plus, but it just isn’t quite as good.  I think the difference is that what is at Home Plus is packaged in a box to sell, but what we find over at the Turkish bakery, is homemade.  If you have eaten many homemade things, you will understand that often what is in the store can’t compare to what is homemade in taste.  We kind of make do with what is in stores because we don’t want to take the time to make it homemade.  Homemade Turkish delight is truly worth tracking down, and occasionally, on a special occasion, we go get it even though it is across Seoul from where we live.

This is the bakery where we find it.

If you come out of exit 3 of the Itaewon subway, you walk straight ahead until you get to the corner. At the corner, there is a Turkish restaurant. Turn right at the Turkish restaurant.  Go just a short way. You will cross a small street, but don’t turn. It is just a few shops up that street off the main street in Itaewon on the right.  I am taking you to a place called “The Salam Bakery.”  “Salam” means “peace” in Arabic.

They also have different kinds of boxed Turkish delight.

There are so man unique goodies here!

They have more than homemade Turkish delight in the Salam Bakery. They also have the boxed stuff.  Have you heard of baklava?  Baklava is a kind of Turkish cake, and it is also delicious. It is very sweet and flaky.  They also have handmade baklava.  They have other things, but when we go there, we only buy Turkish delight and baklava. Most of the other things they sell can be found in other bakeries, but these two items are unique and delicious.

When we first started going there, a Turkish guy was there to wait on us, perhaps the owner. However, now a days, he must have pretty good business because a Korean guy waits on us when we go there now.  Either the Korean guy works for him or he sold his business to a Korean.  Since they sell things like homemade Turkish delight or baklava, there is a good reason they are doing well.

My son in law was taking pictures, and I am not sure he quite understood why I wanted a picture of the things on the top shelf.  Look at the silver tea pots.  When I was a little girl in Morocco, we drank mint tea out of teapots like these.  Mint tea is also wonderful!

We usually only make the trip across Seoul to go there on special occasions like holidays.  We went and bought some Turkish delight to eat on Halloween.  When my daughter’s birthday comes, we will go buy some more because she loves it so much.  When we begin preparing for Christmas, they will get another visit from us. Turkish delight is worth the trip. We don’t approve of what Edmond did in “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe,” but we truly understand now that we have found hand made Turkish delight.


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