Dairy Queen in Korea

We haven’t had Dairy Queen the whole time we have been here.  However, it has recently come.  Yesterday, we were in Itaewon where the only Dairy Queen I know about is in Korea, and we had dinner there.  There used to be a Taco Bell in the place before, but Dairy Queen is there now.  We hardly went to the Taco Bell because it is all the way across Seoul from us in Itaewon and because every time I went there, I got sick. There was a Taco Bell on the military base we went to with our military friends, and it never bothered my stomach, so there is just something about that particular Taco Bell that wasn’t right.  We were thrilled when we realized they put Dairy Queen in its place, and we decided to meet there yesterday because we were in Itaewon, and we like Dairy Queen.

The outside of Dairy Queen.
the machine upstairs made for ordering

It isn’t quite the same as a Dairy Queen in the States, but pretty similar.  In the States, it seems that I remember getting gravy with my chicken at Dairy Queen, but they have my daughter sweet and sour sauce with her chicken.  I wanted just a hamburger, but when my daughter and son in law, ordered, they couldn’t get just a hamburger. It had to be a cheese burger.  It is a bit strange not to be able to get a plain hamburger, but cheese burgers are still good.

our dinner
our deserts…You can see how small the banana split was.

As for the deserts, the dilly bars are the same, and delicious!  My daughter and son in law decided to get themselves a banana split to share. If the size of this banana spit they got is what they are serving in America now, they have shrunk because it was considerably smaller than what I remember banana splits being in America.  In America, banana splits are so big that one person could make a meal out on one, but this banana split was miniature compared to what I ate in America. Often, servings at restaurants are smaller here in Korea than in America.

I almost caught these two, but they saw me with a camera and quit.  In Korea, if a guy loves a girl or a girl loves a guy, they feed them like a baby. My daughter was poking french fries in her husband’s mouth telling him he didn’t eat enough, and he was eating it up. If you watch Korean dramas, you will see them doing it.  It is part of the Korean culture.  As soon as they saw me with a camera, they automatically quit and said, “You aren’t going to get anything on us!”

There is no Coca Cola Zero, our favorite drink.  My daughter and son in law opted out for Pepsi, and I got orange.  Also, to our surprise, there was no ice!  This would never happen at an American restaurant.  However, the drinks were still cold.

This picture was on the wall, and it was upside down.  Blizzards are good too, and I thought about eating one, but ate a dilly bar.

There are no seats on the ground floor. You have to climb stairs after you order to get to where the tables are where you can eat.  However, on the second floor, where we ate, there was a machine where if you wanted more once you got up there, you didn’t have to go downstairs to order,  We ordered our ice cream after the main course from the machine, but no one came upstairs with the ice cream. We still had to go downstairs to get our ice cream and then climb the stairs again to the tables.

There were lots of Halloween ice cream cakes for sale. My daughter’s birthday is in about a month, and she let us all know she wants an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen for her birthday.

The food was good even if it wasn’t quite the same. We all enjoyed ourselves, and no one got sick.  There was an advertisement for a caramel pecan sundae on the machine, but there were no caramel pecan sundaes for sale.  The also showed they had chocolate, cherry, and butterscotch flavored dilly bars, but the only flavor they had was chocolate.  They were so good, though, we bought a box of dilly bars and brought them home with us.  The taste at Dairy Queen was the same as in America even if it was slightly different.

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