Halloween is Coming to Itaewon

Today, my son in law knew that I was planning a trip to Itaewon to go to an import shop, but hadn’t gone yet, and he came in and asked me if I wanted to go to Itaewon with him today, so I went.  He wanted to go to Itaewon because he knows that Halloween is coming.  If he had his way, he would celebrate Halloween in Itaewon, but he has to work that night.  He has encouraged my daughter and I to go, but she and I never go to Itaewon after dark because it is the place in Korea with the highest crime rate.  Itaweon is where all the foreigners go, and it is near the military base.  There are lots of places there that cater to foreigners. They have shops with large sized clothing, English book shops, import shops, and foreign restaurants. Besides going to the import shop, we walked around letting him taking pictures of all the Halloween decorations.

He says he has always wanted to go to Itaewon on Halloween ever since some of his friends from the university went there on Halloween.  He said they had lots of good music, lots of people in costumes, and dancing in the street.  However, he has never had a chance to go and see what is happening there, but today, he got to see the decorations, and he took picture of all the decorations for you to see.  I also had him record some other things you might find interesting.  There was music playing everywhere as we walked down the street looking at the decorations. At one point, we also ran into a group of older Korean ladies carrying a cross that said written on way, “I believe in Jesus,” in English, and the same word written in Korean the other way on the cross and singing  “Glory to His Name” in Korean. We are still in Korea.  The young people may be embracing Halloween, but Christianity is still strong here.


My son in law took a picture of “the mask” for you because when he was a clown, sometimes they had him put green makeup on his face and become “the mask.”


Is Donald Trump scary?  Who knows, but this mask is pretty creepy.
Very interesting socks…..My daughter wants the Donald Trump socks.
Do you suppose they will get in?
This window says in Korean, “Please save me, Mom!”


What a shame that clowns have become scary!


I am not interesting in attending that circus!


There were lots of scary things like this hanging around.



These kinds of masks that kids like were there too.
There were lots of masks for sale. There was also a shop full of costumes, but they wouldn’t let us take pictures.
There is a bat on the sign, but if you look below, there is also some sort of ghoul hanging there.
There were even scary aliens handing above the buildings. I actually thought they were more cute than scary.  I like the fish too.
Who wants to run into this guy?
Yes, they all want to be scary.
My son in law said he took a picture of the whole building because it was more pretty than scary.
If you look among the raw meat displayed in the window of this restaurant, you will see a severed head upside down.  In another window, they had severed limbs.  Some of them got really creepy.

This is just a sample of what we saw. We saw lots and lots of ghouls hanging around, much more than the pictures I shared. Itaewon is gearing up for Halloween.  There is going to be a big party. We aren’t going to go. We have our heads on our shoulders and don’t want to go where there could be trouble, and my adventurous son in law will be at work.  He is always looking for an adventure!  His favorite thing to do is site seeing.  It is fun to go site seeing with him, but my daughter and I don’t want to go to this party.  However, there will be lots of foreigners and young Koreans over there on October 31st celebrating Halloween in costumes and dancing in the streets. I just hope they all stay safe.

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  1. The shop all covered in blood with “Mommy help me” was the most gruesome. Good article. I hope that he gets to see the whole thing soon.

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