Confucius, Book IV, Verse 16

If anyone knows anything about Confucius, they will know that he is known for his wise saying. Confucianism is not a religion. Confucius was merely a wise man, not any kind of a preacher. Many societies in the east are built upon his model for a society and believe in his way of thinking, but they don’t do it as a way of religion, but just a matter of expediency, a good way to do things. My daughter really likes philosophy, and as I was going through our book shelves looking for something interesting to read this morning, I found “The Analects of Confucius,” one of my daughter’s books. I have been going through it and thought I would begin sharing some of the things he said with you. Today, I want to share something that I have seen through the years: “The Master said, a gentleman takes as much trouble to discover what is right as lesser men take to discover what will pay” (Book IV, Verse 16).

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Look around you. I have seen a lot of people talking about elections on Facebook lately. How will people vote? Who is republican, and who is Democrat? Who will vote independently? Who votes for just the candidate regardless of what party he belongs to? Who takes time to care who these people are and what they actually stand for?
If you are too busy making a living, you aren’t going to take time to look into each candidate. You are going to go to work, come home, eat your dinner, watch TV, and go to sleep. Many of these people will watch the news. However, with all that has been proven about the news lately, I hope they understand that the news people are trying to control them and make things go the way they want. If nothing else, Trump has proven that to America. The news people tried to control is campaign when he was elected, but he outsmarted the news people when they left parts out of what happened to try to control the people, and Trump was smart enough to record the whole thing, and then it put out there for the people to see.

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Everyone trusted Walter Cronkite, and he knew it. He was trying to control the thoughts of a whole nation with his nightly news program. When Reagan was elected, Cronkite went into talk to Reagan and said, “If you don’t take Bush as your running mate, I will see to it that you don’t become president.” Have you ever heard the old adage, “The pen is mightier than the sword”? Well, now a days, our media, the news, the sitcoms, the movies, Facebook, blogs, Youtube, etc., they are that pen.

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There was a discussion with a lot of my brother and sister in laws once upon a time, and the election was coming. One of my brother in laws took out his wallet. He said, “This is how I am going to vote. I don’t care about anything else.” He didn’t care about any social issues. He was too busy trying to make a living to care, and all he cared about was how the election could effect his wallet. He had had a chance to go to college completely paid, but he decided it was worthless and dropped out. He had to work hard his whole life, even working away from home to make ends meet. His wife, besides raising the kids, worked three jobs. They didn’t have time to worry about anything but money.

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However, who are the people who worry about the social issues, the issues that people think are right or wrong? Who worries about whether or not abortions are in or out? Who worries about whether gays are given the right to get married or not? Educated thinkers are the ones who worry about these issues. The first time I heard about the news broadcasters trying to control the public was at a forum at a university where they were talking about us not getting the real story from the news people about what happened in Vietnam. I couldn’t believe it! However, they were opening my eyes. They were teaching me to become an educated thinker.


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The people in America who want the right to have abortions and want the right for gays to get married understand that the news controls the people who work hard and don’t have the energy to do anything except watch TV in the evenings. The people who want things like transgenders allowed to go in whatever bathroom they want, abortions, or gay marriage attach themselves to a party who will push this stuff, keep the people busy and worried about money, and then tell the people to attach themselves to that party because “It is the party of the poor people.” Even if the poor people thought abortion was wrong or gay marriage was wrong, it would make no difference because they would be brainwashed by the news to think they must vote for that party because it is the party of the poor people. These poor people begin thinking this party will help poor people, but if you don’t really understand economics, you don’t really know if they can help you or not.

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The people who are too high in their thinking to try to trick anyone just come out and say what they think is right and wrong. They don’t try to trick the poor people into voting their way. They know the economy is important, and they have been to school and understand it, but they also know the social issues are important. They don’t try to control the news. They think anyone in their right mind wouldn’t want to kill babies. They think it is obvious that marriage has been between a man and a woman forever. It is obvious that you mate with someone of the opposite sex. After all, biology teaches us there are two sexes, and to have babies, we need a woman’s womb, and a man’s fertilization, so they plan to vote against what is obviously not normal. These people want to protect the children from predators; they have reasoned it out and want to do the right thing. There are ladies and gentlemen who think, reason, and try to use good judgement beyond how much money they make. Most of them go to church because they are busy trying to do the right thing. They are not the people who try to trick and control the people because they know that is wrong. They have educated themselves and know what is going on in the world and how it is best for things to go. If we listen to them, the economy will have to be better because they understand the economy, but the economy is not their number one thought, but what is right and wrong is their number one thought. They don’t want people to starve because it is wrong. They don’t want to kill babies because it is wrong. They don’t want the children molested because it is wrong.

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Confucius saw society in his time and said there were people who only worry about money. He also said there are people who think on a higher plane than money. They worry about what is right and wrong. Society is the same today. It doesn’t matter if they are in the east or the west. Here in Korea, they are one of the most educated countries on the planet. The largest church in the world is located in Korea. There is a North and South Korea because the people in South Korea wanted Democracy and Christianity. The major religions in South Korea are Buddhism and Christianity. Except for the idea of a risen savior and going to Heaven after we die, the basic principles of how to live your life in Buddhism are very similar to Christianity. Most of the people in Korea are worried about what is good and right. They can worry about it because they have worked hard and brought themselves up in the world. Getting a college degree here is a fraction of the cost of getting a college degree in America. They don’t have to worry about the money like Americans do. If you don’t have a chance to go to college because it is too expensive in America, you need to think things and out and explore. Don’t just vote your pocket book. There is so much more in this world than money, and don’t let the news control you. Think about what is right and wrong. It effects society as well as the economy. Listen to the wisdom of an acknowledged wise man, Confucius.

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