The Silver Grass Festival

I saw this festival on Facebook and asked my son in law if he had ever been there, but he hadn’t.  However, I peaked his interest because he is one of these people who love to go and see and do. If he could site see as a job, he would gladly do it.  I thought the festival was finished, but my son in law decided to research it, and he decided to take my daughter and I there this evening. It was at Hanul Park, not very far from our house.

Here is a shot of the vehicle we rode up the hill, and when we were done, back down the hill.
Before we got in the vehicle, we were actually contemplating taking the stairs. The sign says there are 291 stairs.  It says if you go 10 stairs, you burn 1.4 calories.

We had to park our car and either walk up to the festival or ride in a special vehicle, but we didn’t see the vehicles.  We thought we were going to have to walk either a kilometer on foot up hill or go up some very steep stairs to get there.  We began to walk, and were contemplating taking the stairs when the vehicle came by.  We were very thankful to be able to ride in the vehicle!

The sign above the entrance to the festival. It says Seoul Silver Grass Festival.
There was a huge field of this, silver grass, and people were meandering around taking pictures.


At the entrance to the park, everyone was taking pictures, and I kept wondering what “silver grass” was.  My son in law looked it up on his phone, and another word in English for silver grass is thatch.  I wondered if that means they used to use this to make thatched roofs, but I really don’t know.

My daughter and her husband by the sign that means love. My daughter is actually wearing her school uniform because she came straight from work.  She is a teacher, but sometimes teachers have uniforms too.


My son in law reaching for the star. I actually came up on him jumping and hitting the star like he was Mario in a Nintendo video game.

There were lots of lit up tunnels and archways going through the grass.

Having a good time!

It was a pretty, calm, and restful walk.

One of the tunnels was full of frogs where people had written wishes.

We normally get light pollution since we live in Seoul, a big city, which means we can’t see Heavenly bodies like stars, etc easily. However, we saw a 3/4 moon this evening, so we got  a shot of it.

It was a very calm festival.  Everyone was just quietly meandering around through a field of silver grass with soft music playing and roving colored lights.  My daughter had worked all day before she came standing up teaching little kids, and I felt bad because her feet hurt, but she said she was having a good time anyway.  We were afraid we wouldn’t be able to get a ride in one of the vehicles on the way down, but luckily, we got the last vehicle going down.  When we got home, it was already time for my daughter to go to bed so she could go to work the next day.  If we didn’t go this evening, the festival would be gone and we would have all still be wondering what on earth silver grass is, but now we know. We have seen it, but I am still not sure why they were celebrating it.   We appreciate my son in law for searching events out like this for us.

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