Dinner At World Cup Stadium

My son in law came in this afternoon and informed me that he and my daughter had made plans for us this evening, so don’t cook.  We were all going to go out to dinner and to a festival.  We were supposed to meet my daughter after she got off work at the World Cup Stadium for dinner. I see signs for the World Cup Stadium all the time, but I had never been there and didn’t know much about it.  What I found out this evening is that is a huge soccer stadium and a shopping mall in one.  One of the ladies my daughter works with got married in a Korean wedding hall located inside this mall. Since we were wanting dinner, we planned to eat in the food court in the mall.

The sign in the parking lot makes it look like an impressive place.
A picture of the outside of the World Cup Shopping Mall

There may be more than one food court, but the one we found wasn’t very big, and it was located inside of a big department store, Home Plus, that is in the mall.  It was basically all down one hallway on the second floor of Home Plus, and I have seen better food courts here.  For such a fancy name like “World Cup” I expected more. There was only a handful of restaurants, and nothing that really looked very appetizing.

The entrance to the food court/ If you are following my Korean lessons on my blogs, you will see that the sign says “It becomes happy shopping.”

Corn dogs and donuts for sale

Those are meringues for sale in that display case.
The Nuclear Steak Place, a place where you can eat steak cheaply
They serve the steak in little plastic cups that sit on the top of your cup.


At the entrance to the food court, there was a lady selling corn dogs, something else I didn’t know what was, and Korean style donuts.  Across from her, there was a cafe that was selling coffee, candy, and meringues. Next to them, there was a steak place like we have eaten at before over in the Home Plus close to our house. It is a cheap way to eat steak. There was also a hamburger place made up to look like a little red trailer, but the hamburgers didn’t look very good.

One of the signs in the window of the restaurant where we ate with a menu on it.
My meal was tonkatsu, rice, salad, kimchee, yellow pickles, and soup, but I didn’t eat it all. It was just too much and the only thing I wanted was a piece of meat and salad.
My daughter had curried tonkatsu, rice, soup, kimchee, and yellow pickles. I really like curry, but I have been staying away from it for my stomach’s sake, but we all love curry.
I saw this meal waiting for someone to pick it up and took a picture thinking you might like to see how hot they serve their soup, and on top of that, it is chocked full of chili spice!
The only thing to drink at this restaurant was soup or water, and you had to serve your own water in little papers cups slightly bigger than a thimble.

We ate at a sit down restaurant that sold very Korean food, but not the best Korean food you can find.  In fact, my son in law was very disappointed in the place and my daughter had to coax him to eat. My son in law ate tapoki, a kind of rice cakes in red sauce, but the picture I took of his didn’t turn out.  He also ended up eating part of my daughter’s food and part of mine.  He may look skinny, but he does eat.

At least we had dinner before we went on to the festival.  We at least know where we don’t want to eat next time.  My daughter was wishing she was at home eating homemade enchiladas.



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