Korean Clowns

In American lately, because of a movie I heard if but haven’t watched, clowns have become something scary, but they haven’t always been scary. When I was a little girl growing up in Morocco, my dad had a friend named McAninny, and he was a clown. He came to our fourth of July party, and he was funny.  Clowns are supposed to be funny. In America, traditionally, they work at children’s parties and the circus.  In Korea, they are still considered funny, but they don’t work at children’s parties and at the circus.  They are used by businesses for advertisement.

This is my son in law making a balloon animal at a Halloween party.


My daughter used a computer app and a picture of my son in law and dressed him as an American clown, but he says his make up was different from this.  He says he made his face white, but he had to give himself a funny mustache and goatee because most of the time they had him dressed as a tin soldier.

My son in law worked as a clown to put himself through college because he said his job was only part time, and it paid better than any other part time job a university student could get.  He actually quit because they liked him as a tall skinny clown, so he had to stand on something that was like stilts to make himself tall, and it was hurting his knees.  He also quit because he likes to go to church, and they kept taking every Sunday away from him and sending him out to a business to work. However, he was quite a cute clown.


This is a video my son in law shared that someone took of him when he was dancing as a clown. He is actually dancing with a kind of large fabric balloon man he says was moving as if it is dancing because of the wind. Here, he is dancing on his stilts, and dressed like a tin soldier.

Here is an Iron Man interacting with the children.
Here is another guy in the tin soldier costume they liked my son in law to use.
These guys were sent to entertain military guys.

Before he began dating my daughter, he saw her at church, and he made a balloon teddy bear for her, and it warmed her heart.  One of the things he did as a clown was to make balloon animals to give to the kids.  After he began dating my daughter, at a party at my house, he began making balloon animals, and his hands worked so quickly, and no one else knew how to do it, so they all gathered around thrilled to death!  Every girl and guy there wanted one of his balloon animals, and the girls all got a crush on him.  He was surprised because he didn’t know just making the balloon animals could make him popular.

Here are a couple of the costumes they use.  My son in law dressed as Iron Man at times.

In Korea, these clowns belong to a company.  The company my son in law belonged to was 한국DCM (Pronounced “Hangook” DCM.)  They have a page on Facebook. I will show you some of their costumes, and my son in law contributed a video of him working as a clown, but you can see more if you want on their Facebook page.  These clowns get assignments.  They are given costumes and sent to businesses to advertise.  Sometimes, they stand in the street with a microphone hollering a the people to come.  Sometimes they play music and or dance.  As I already said, they give out balloon animals.  They drum up business and act crazy.  If you have a silly personality, which many university students do, it is the perfect job.  Some people are just naturally funny, and my son in law can be if he feels like it.

There are even girls who do this job. I got this picture from the Facebook page I mentioned earlier.
Here are several pictures of the clowns from the company my son in law worked for entertaining people and having fun.


They don’t look exactly like American clown.  They dress as super heroes and other characters.  My son in law often dressed as Iron Man, a Minute Man, or a wooden soldier. My son in law ended up specializing in the tall skinny clowns standing on a type of stilts and dancing because people liked it best when he did that.

Yesterday evening, as we were driving down the street, my daughter snapped this picture of a guy working as a clown.

These clowns aren’t scary.  They are out there having fun, and people like them. Wouldn’t it be nice of have a job that is just all about acting silly and having fun?  Actually, my daughter says she thinks she is so serious that she couldn’t do it, but my son in law could and did.  He loves anything silly. We are thinking about moving to America, and I told him he could become a clown in America, but he hasn’t consented to do it. He is almost finished with his masters, and he considered working as a clown just as a way to put himself through school.

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