Preparation of a Delicious and Healthy Vegetable: Beets

When I was growing up, I had a younger brother that insisted for a long time that every time he ate dinner, he must have beets with it.  The beets my mother kept for him and for us were pickled beets. I thought they were good, but my little brother were just in love with them.  I am sure my brother’s attitude made my parents happy because they are full of iron. When we were in Romania, we were like everyone else, and we raised a garden to insure that we had food because there was hardly anything in the stores.  One of the things in our garden was beets. I had never prepared beets, and when my husband brought me beets from the garden to prepare, all I could think was, “I really don’t want to go to the trouble of pickling beets,” and come to find out, I didn’t have to.  I found an even more delicious and easy way to prepare them than to pickle them.  When we left Romania, I didn’t need to prepare the beets anymore because outside of Romania, there was lots of food in the stores, but I still prepare the beets the way I did in Romania because they are delicious and healthy.  I was happy to find them in the stores here in Korea looking like they just came from the garden because it enabled me to make them here exactly like I made them when we were in Romania.

When we buy them here, they are covered with plastic.


I wash them, put them in a big pot, cover them with water, and then put them on the stove to cook.


What I do is very easy.  I begin by taking the beets and washing them.  After that, I put them in a big pot. I cover the with water and put them on the stove to boil. I don’t pickle them.  I put a lid on the pot with the beets because it will take a long time for them to cook, and any time you put a lid on a pot, it cooks faster.

If they weren’t done, I would have had to add more water, but I didn’t.  The fork went in easily, so they were done.

When they come to a boil, I turn the fire down.  Next, I just wait a long time depending on how big my beets are.  Today, I actually sat down and watched a Chinese movie my daughter wanted to show me and ended up going to sleep while my beets were boiling.  I knew I was sleepy, so I said to my daughter before I went to sleep, “If I got to sleep, please keep an eye on the beets.”  She did, and I didn’t have to worry.  At times, when I am cooking, the water begins to cook out of the beets and I have to add water, but this time, all was fine, and we didn’t have to add any water. When the movie went off, I woke up, and I went to check my beets.  They were finished.  They are done when a fork can go into them easily.

I poured the hot water out of the beets, and all you can really see in the picture is the steam. 🙂
I ran cold water in the pan with the beets until everything was cooled.
I just ran my fingers over them, and the peelings came off.
I used a table knife and cut out the place where the beet had been attached to the plant

I turned the fire off and got my pot holders. I took the pot to the sink and poured the hot water off the beets.  I ran cold water over them until they were cool.  I pulled them out of the water and just rubbed my fingers over them, and the peelings just fell off.  I used a table knife and cut the place where the beet had been attached to the plant.

My beets are cooked and cleaned. The reason you see the dishes behind my plate is because they were draining after being washed, and my daughter was also in the kitchen making zakuska, a Romanian bread spread, and my kitchen is so small there was no cabinet space at all. I may blog about zakuska one day because it is really good too.
I slice the beets with a table knife.


They are all sliced up, but we don’t normally eat them right away.

After the beets were peeled, I just used my table knife again and sliced them.  They were still a little warm.  I covered them with plastic wrap and put them in the fridge to get them cold.  Now, when we are ready to eat a meal, we just pull them out and eat them cold. I didn’t pickle them. I didn’t use any salt or any kind of condiments, and they are delicious just like they are.

I cover them with plastic wrap and put them in the fridge to cool.

My daughter didn’t wait long.  She couldn’t wait for them to get cold. We were having left overs for dinner, and she went and got the last piece of quiche I made the other day and a bowl full of beets and enjoyed herself.  🙂

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