Breaking News: Seven Students Killed at the University of Jos

I can hardly write this blog for crying. The pictures pulled my emotions right out of me. Be careful. The pictures are pretty graphic.

As many of my readers know, I have lived all over the world, and I still have friends all over the world.  One of the places I have lived is Jos, Nigeria.  Just a few minutes ago, a Christian student from the University of Jos informed me that on Sunday morning, the last day of September, there were seven students killed at the University of Jos, so the classes have been suspended and all the students sent home.  Jos is the capital city of Plateau State, Nigeria in West Africa.  It is a bustling city, and the university is a very viable place for students to study, but they have all been sent home until further notice.

A crowd of students at the university


A crowd, and people could tell something had happened.

Apparently, there was some violence on Saturday, but no one was really hurt, but on Sunday morning, some students went back trying to defend themselves.  When they did, the people are saying there were some Fulani herdsmen dressed as soldiers who began shooting into the crowd killing seven students and wounding some others.


A student who was shot


More students who were shot

Fulani are what the Nigerians call the black whites.  They are not originally from Nigeria, but they are there now.  They have black skin, but they are not like other blacks because they have thin lips and a long straight nose like white people.  The travel from village to village in Nigeria following the cows. If you want milk in Nigeria, you buy it from a Fulani herdsman.  Lately, the student told me, the Fulani have been killing people in rural areas.


Fulani herdsmen with guns claiming to be soldiers, but were not soldiers

There are several tribes in Nigeria. The major tribe in Jos is Hausa.  Every tribe has their own language, and every area of the country has a dominate tribe, and the language of that dominate tribe becomes the trade language, but then when they go to school, everyone studies in English.  If you were Fulani in Nigeria, you would speak at least three languages, Fulani, the trade language (and in Jos, it is Hausa), and English.


An injured student

When I asked the student if they knew the motivation of the killings, he said they weren’t quite sure, but the police are saying it as either a Christian/Muslim thing or a political thing.  Right now, they are having elections in Nigeria, and the news is in Nigeria is reluctant to give the people many details about the killings because they are afraid the news will effect the elections.  The students from the University of Jos are understandably shook up.  In all the areas around the University of Jos right now, there is an imposed curfew, and after a certain hour of the night, people aren’t allowed out of their house. The students are just waiting to know that everything has calmed down so they can go back to class.

More people who were killed

The pictures that were sent to me were sent from the student’s sister’s phone. Please pray for the students from the University of Jos. I know they are completely shook up! I can’t hardly look at the pictures they sent me because they are so bad.

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