What Can You Do With Left Over Chicken or Turkey? (An Easy Recipe)

Thanksgiving is coming, and lots of people are going to have left over turkey. As for me, I have left over chicken.  I have thought of lots of things to do with left over chicken or turkey, but this is the easiest one I do.  I make chicken or turkey salad.

I begin by covering the eggs with water, then I put them on the stove to boil
The eggs are boiling.

I begin by boiling 2 eggs. I put them in a pan and cover them with water, and then put them on the stove to boil.  When you boil eggs, I have learned that different people will tell you different times to boil your eggs.  It all depends on how you want your eggs. If you want the eggs yellow in the middle of the egg runny, once they come to a boil, wait three minutes before you turn them off. If you don’t want them runny at all, let them boil for 15 minutes, and you will have hard boiled eggs.  Any time between 3 minutes and 15 minutes of boiling, you can take them off the fire, according to how you want the middle of your eggs.  I usually let my boil about 7 or 8 minutes.

Run cold water in your eggs to cool them off.

When they have boiled as long as you want them to boil, take the pan off the fire and put it in the sink. Dump the boiling water and run cold water over the eggs for a couple of minutes.

Pull the left over meat off the bones of your left over chicken or turkey.
Start chopping your chicken or turkey up into very small pieces.
Chop up all the left over meat you have.

While your eggs are boiling, get your left over chicken or turkey out.  Pull the meat from the bones.  Throw the bones away.  Get a knife and cut the the chicken or turkey in very small pieces.  Cut it all up the same way.

Peel your cooled eggs.

Next, turn the cold water off that has been running on your eggs. The eggs should be cool enough to handle. If you pick one up, and it is still hot, run more cold water over it.  Break the shell and take the eggs out of the shells.  Put the eggs on a plate with the chopped up chicken.

Put the peeled eggs on a plate with the chicken or turkey and begin mashing the eggs up with a fork.
The eggs are completely mashed.
Mix the mashed eggs and the chopped chicken or turkey together.
Put a big dollop of mayonnaise on the chicken or turkey and eggs.
Mix the mayonnaise in and add salt and whatever other things you like in a salad like this.

Take a fork and mash the boiled eggs up.  Mix the boiled eggs and the chopped up chicken together.  Get some mayonnaise out of the fridge.  Put a big dollop on the top of the chicken and eggs.  Mix the mayonnaise in.  If all the mayonnaise and eggs don’t get moistened, put some more mayonnaise until everything is moistened with mayonnaise.

Many people, at this point, like to chop up pickles or onion and add them to the chicken or turkey salad, but I don’t because my family won’t eat it that way.  My family likes things pretty well plain.  I add salt.  Salt is a must because the turkey or chicken will make the salad bland if you don’t add enough salt.

My daughter decided hers would be good with snack crackers.

This is a delicious salad you can eat just as a salad or put on bread for a sandwich, and you don’t have to throw that left over chicken or turkey away.  Enjoy it!

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