Mashed Potato Cakes

What do you do when you have made too many potatoes?  Our family has dwindled with the kids growing up and leaving home, but there are still three of us left. We have gone from six people to three people, and if we make as much food as we did in the past, there will be left overs. This is one of the solutions when that happens I use that my family loves. This is how I make basic mashed potato cakes.


Mix everything together.

First, I put the cold mashed potatoes into a mixing bowl.  I get two eggs and add them to the potatoes.  After that, I get crackers.  I smash the crackers, and add them to the potatoes and eggs. I add enough crackers that the mixture becomes stiff.  The amount of crackers you add is according to how much mashed potatoes you have.


Get a frying pan and put some cooking oil in the bottom to fry and turn the fire on under the pan to medium high.

Fill your frying pan with potato cakes.

It is time to put your hands into the potato mixture.  Take enough out to make a ball in the palm of your hand, then mash the ball flat. That forms the potato cake.  Put it in the pan that has oil in it with a fire under it.  Fill the pan with more potato cakes.  Let them fry for a few minutes.

After they have fried for a few minutes, use a spatula and  turn them over making sure you don’t leave them on one side too long.  Just turn them over occasionally checking to make sure they are getting browner without burning.  Some pieces will fall off, but that is okay.  They will fry and become crunchy and taste really good.


When you are satisfied they are brown enough on both sides, they will be warmed and cooked all the way through, and it is time to take them off and put them on a separate place. Salt them and eat them.  They are scrumptious!  My Korean son in law said they remind him of hash browns like he has eaten at McDonalds.

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