A New Restaurant in Gangseu, Seoul, Korea

Last Sunday, we tried out a new restaurant.  We have been to these kinds of restaurants before because it is an American restaurant.  We were just happy to find one in our neighborhood.  There used to be a Subway Sandwich restaurant over in Itaewon we went to, but it has closed, but we are in luck because now they opened one close to us.

The front of the Subway Sandwich Restaurant

It is across the street from Gayang subway stop, exit 2 on the same road as Gayang Home Plus and Gayang EMart, just a few doors down from Grace Hill.  We actually parked our car at Grace Hill, but I don’t recommend everyone do it.  This restaurant doesn’t have a parking lot. No one said anything to us about parking at Grace Hill, but the parking lot was full and people were watching our car like they didn’t approve of us leaving it there.


There are many different kinds of bread to choose from.
He is putting a custom made sandwich together just as the customer asks.

Their disapproval was worth it because it was just as good as any other Subway restaurant we had been to.  When you get in line, first, you choose the kind of bread you want.  After that, there is a whole like of employees helping you. You tell them what you want, and they add whatever meat, cheese, vegetables, spreads, etc. they have that you want. It is all there in front of you to see, and if you don’t speak Korean, it is okay because all you have to do is point.

There are lots of different kinds of meat, cheese, and vegetables to choose from.


They were very serious about the calories.  Everything is labeled with how many calories it contains.  In America, there was a TV commercial about a big fat guy who walked down to the Subway restaurant everyday for lunch and ate a sandwich and lost weight. I always though, “Of course he lost weight. He began walking everyday.”  However, these sandwiches are not rich, but healthy. The Koreans are really into food that they can eat a lot of that isn’t full of calories.

If you want cookies or chips on the side, they are available.

At the very end of the line, there are homemade style cookies to choose from like at every other Subway sandwich shop.  They hand you your cup, and then you go to the Coke machine.  The nice thing is that in many restaurants in Korea, you can’t serve your drink yourself, and they charge for refills, but at this restaurant, you serve yourself, and you can get refills easily.  However, on this day, the Koreans were true to form.  The Coca Cola Zero was out when I went to get some.

You serve your own drink.

Of course, Koreans love Coca Cola Zero, which they call “jero Coke.” “Jero” is the way they say “zero” because they don’t have a “z” in their language. I told them that there was no “Jero Coke” in Korean, and people came running out of the back telling me to wait just a minute, then they disappeared again.  I didn’t understand. I thought they were ignoring me because when I worked at a restaurant in high school, I went directly to the Coke machine and changed the bag of Coke syrup, but they just went back in the other room. I thought they were putting me off, but they had a place in the back where they could change the bag of Coke syrup.

The pictures on the walls are cute: a book made of cheese, glasses made of cucumbers, and a pepper with ham as a ballerina.

I told them a second time that there was no “Jero Coke,” and they told me there was, so I tried it and there was. My daughter embarrassed me because she said I was acting like an “ajuma.”  An “ajuma” is a bossy married woman.  In Korea, you want to stay away from the ajumas.  I just didn’t understand that they could fix the problem from the other room.

It is a good restaurant. If you are in Gangseu gu, or if you are in Seoul, you can take the subway to the Gayang subway stop, line nine.  Our sandwiches were great, and the cookies are good too.

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