Delicious Cold Slaw

This cold slaw is a very easy, but delicious dish. It takes no cooking.  I often serve it at dinner parties because people love it.  It is something my mother taught me to make, and my mother was a professional cook and caterer.


Begin with cabbage, a salad bowl, and a grater. If you happen to have a food processor, they are much easier than graters, but my kitchen is just basically equipped, so I use a grater.  I am only making cold slaw for three people, so I am not going to make much, and I am going to use a head of cabbage I have already partially used.  However, if I make it for a party, I use a whole head of cabbage and fill the bowl with grated cabbage.  I wash my cabbage, and then grate it.





Next, I wash a carrot and peel and grate it.  I add the grated carrot to the grated cabbage.  If you are using a whole head of cabbage, you may want to use two carrots.




After that, I add 1/3 cup of mayonnaise.  If you are using a whole head of cabbage, you may want to use almost a whole cup (225 grams) of mayonnaise.  After I put the mayonnaise in it, I put two table spoons of sugar.  If you are using the whole head of cabbage, you will want to use about 5 tablespoons of sugar.  Mix everything together.


You are finished, and it is delicious!  There are variations I use sometimes if I have the ingredients on hand.  You may want to take a nice sweet red apple, wash it, but don’t peel it, and don’t grate it.  Core it and cut it up into bite sized pieces and add them to the cold slaw. Mix the apple pieces in. Kids especially like it when you add apples.  If you have walnuts or pecans, you could wash them, but them up and add them too.  However, what I made today was just the basic slaw. I served it with dinner, and it was actually my favorite part of my dinner.

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