A Major Decision

When I was a little girl living in Morocco, I made a major decision. I decided I would never be a Muslim! I wasn’t a Christian, but was learning about it. I was so young, and my peers back in America didn’t even know that Muslims existed at the time, but what brought me to such a major realization at such a young age? After all, I was living in a Muslim country. My parents didn’t go to church, so why wouldn’t I just decide to to what others did?

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My French teacher from school was a missionary from England. His name was Mr. Acton. He lived in my neighborhood, and my older sister and I walked to his Sunday school. We didn’t go to church, but we went to his Bible classes. We were learning. He taught us wonderful things. He taught us we had a father in Heaven who loved us. He taught us we needed to be good. He gave us tracts about Jesus being the good shepherd that I didn’t understand very well because they were written in French, and my French was never very good.

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Mr. Acton had a missionary compound. His house was close to the entrance, but if you continued, there was more. There was a group of white washed buildings with doors that all opened to the middle and a fountain in the middle. There was a covered walkway that ran all along the front of the buildings. My mother said she saw Mr. Acton baptize people in the fountain. Our Sunday school classes took place in one of the rooms in the big long building that opened to the fountain.


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One day, I was entering the compound on the dusty road, and Mr. Acton was standing there. He was looking down the road, so I did too. There was a man with a bull whip walking behind a woman dressed in a jelava. A jelava is a robe with a hood and a veil, usually the jelava was black and the veil was white. The man was wearing a turban and big puffy white pants. He was beating the woman with the bull whip. I was shocked that someone could be that cruel to another person! I asked Mr. Acton shocked, “What is going on?” He said, “The woman came for a Bible class, and the man is her husband.” Mr. Acton went on explaining that the husband disapproved, and he was beating her with a bullwhip to punish her. I was astonished at the cruelty! He told me the man was a Muslim, and that Muslims didn’t like Christianity. It was my introduction to Islam. I didn’t know anything else about it, but I knew that beating someone with a bullwhip was downright cruel. I said, “I will never be a Muslim!”

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Since then, I have not only studied Christianity, but also Islam I have read the Bible and the Koran both from cover to cover. I have studied the background of both religions and both books. The Bible makes sense, but the Koran never made sense to me, and Islam never made sense from the very beginning, even when I was living in a Muslim country as a little girl.

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