Kimchee Bacon Bokumbab

Today, a sweet Korean friend of mine decided to come to my house to cook. She had a special recipe she wanted to share with you guys. Her name is Yun Hanul. I was a university professor for many years, and I had a tendency to make friends with my students, and she was one of my students. She is a very bright and talented girl. She came to the student Bible studies in my office, then came to church with me, and then became a Christian.  Ever since, she likes to sit by me at church and do other things with me outside of church.  Today, she came to share a recipe with you.  The name of food is kimchee bacon bokumbab which means kimchee bacon fried rice.

the ingredients of kimchee bacon bokumbab
The kimchee she used came in packages, and she used two of these packages.

The ingredients are a bit strange for me. For some of these ingredients, I wouldn’t know how to use them any other way, but Koreans know.  You can already understand that you need bacon and kimchee. If you don’t have any kimchee, it is cabbage loaded up with chili peppers, garlic, and onions, and then fermented. If you don’t live in Korea, you can either find a recipe for kimchee online or go to an oriental import shop to get the kimchee.  She also used green onions, garlic, gochujang (red pepper paste), oyster sauce, sesame oil, and rice that has already been boiled.  If you don’t know how to make the oriental style rice, look back at my recipe for kastudon, and you will find the method they use to make the rice you need.

She asked for scissors to cut the bacon up.
She cut up 8 slices of bacon.
She used a knife on the garlic, and cut up three cloves of garlic in very small pieces.
Next, she went for the scissors again to cup up the green onions.
She cut up two green onions.

First, she took 8 slices of bacon. She cut them up in little pieces.  I handed her a knife to cut the bacon, but she wanted scissors.  In Korea, it isn’t uncommon for them to use scissors to cut their food instead of a knife.  After she cut up the bacon, she cut up 2 green onions and 2 cloves of garlic.

She put the bacon pieces in a frying pan and began frying them.
After the bacon had fried a little bit, she added the garlic and green onions to the pan too.

Next, She put the bacon bits in a frying pan and began frying them.  After they fried for a few minutes and made oil in the bottom of the pan, she added the green onion and garlic and fried them in with the bacon.  When you think the bacon is cooked enough, move the bacon, garlic, and green onion to a separate plate.

When she decided the bacon was finished, she put the bacon, green onion, and garlic mixture on a separate plate.
This is the amount of kimchee in one of the bags, and she used two bags of kimchee.
She fried the kimchee in the bacon grease.
She added about 2 tablespoons of oyster sauce to calm the spiciness of the kimchee down.

Next, add kimchee to the pan where you were frying the bacon.  Fry the kimchee in the bacon grease.  At this point, Yun Hanul got a little funny. She knows that my Korean son in law, Abraham, isn’t very fond of kimchee, but to the Koreans, eating kimchee is just part of being Korean.  People are amazed when they find out he isn’t very fond of kimchee, and as she was cooking, Yunhanul was smiling and saying to herself, “I am going to make Abraham like kimchee.”  When the kimchee is fried, add about 2 tablespoons of oyster sauce.  It keeps it from being too spicy.

She began adding already cooked rice to the pan.


Next, get some of the already boiled rice and put it in the pan with the kimchee.  Add about 1/4 tablespoon of gochujang (red pepper paste).  Mix the red pepper sauce, kimchee, and rice together. The fire under the food should be hot.

She kept adding the already boiled rice. The black you see in the rice is the oyster sauce.
She added the bacon, garlic, and green onion to the rice and kimchee mixture and kept cooking.
She added a few drops of sesame oil to keep it from being too spicy.

Next, add the bacon, green onion, and garlic mixture back into the rice.  Yun Hanul also added some more rice because she wanted to make sure there was enough for four people.  Add a few drops of sesame oil to keep the food from becoming too spicy.  Fry everything together and mix it for a few minutes, then turn it off. It is finished.

The kimchee bokumbab is finished.
Yun Hanul is very satisfied with the taste!
Abraham enjoyed it.
Winter wasn’t so sure about it until she tasted it, and she said it was really tasty and reminded her of something Romanian which was a great compliment because the Romanians are some of the best cooks in the world.

When Yun Hanul finished, she decided she needed to taste it, and she was very pleased with the taste.  We waited for my daughter and son in law to come home. When they got there, we sat around and tried the  kimchee bacon bokumbab. It was very tasty!  I am always afraid of the spiciness of Korean food because I don’t want my stomach to hurt, but so far, it hasn’t hurt my stomach.  While we were eating, Yun Hanul turned to my son in law and asked him if he liked it, and he said he did, even though he was looking for seaweed to add to his.  She asked him what his favorite food was, and he replied, “Candy!” However, he added that he liked her kimchee bacon bokumbab, and it made her happy. We all enjoyed her kimchee bacon bokumbab!

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