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Lots of people buy the boxed mixes in America, but if you travel, you don’t have the luxury of boxed mixes, and I am very glad. Once I learned to make cheese sauce, I never wanted to eat a boxed mix of macaroni and cheese again. This cheese sauce is easy, and good to put on macaroni, on broccoli, on asparagus, on cauliflower, on Mexican food, etc. People have tried to give broccoli a bad name, but my kids have the complete different reaction because I make cheese sauce to put on it, and they have always loved it enough to request it. Macaroni and cheese is so easy that all you have to do is boil the macaroni, and then put this sauce on it. It is 100% times better than a box mix of macaroni and cheese.

the ingredients

The ingredients are easy. You need cheddar, jack, longhorn, or some kind of similar hard cheese, milk, flour, butter or margarine, and salt. If you use mozzarella, your sauce will be really stringy, but still taste good, and at times, I have even put mozzarella in my sauce.

grate the cheese

Melt the butter.

Add four tablespoons of flour, mix it around, and let it become bubbly.

Begin by grating the cheese. You will need about 3/4 of a cup of grated cheese. Next, put about four tablespoons of butter or margarine in a sauce pan, turn the fire on low, and melt the butter. After the butter is melted and the butter is simmering, add about four tablespoons of flour to the butter and mix it around making it into a thin paste. Let it cook until it is bubbly. Be sure to keep the fire low so it won’t burn. Butter burns easily, so be careful.

Get a wire whip and add two cups of milk.
Keep heating the sauce and mixing it at the same time.
Heat it and mix it until it turns into a white sauce.

Next, get two cups of milk and a wire whip. Pour the milk into the pan while constantly mixing it with the wire whip. The wire whip will stop you from getting lumps in your sauce. After you pour the milk in the pan, keep mixing it and keep it over a low heat. It will slowly turn into a sauce.

Add the cheese.
Mix the cheese and let it melt into the sauce.
Use the wire whip, and it will slowly turn into cheese sauce.
Salt it, turn the fire off, and it is ready to serve. Pour it over your food.

When it is thick enough to be called a sauce, add the grated cheese and mix it around with the wire whip and let it melt and add salt. Your sauce is ready. You can do many things with it. It can change rotten dishes into something delicious! We happened to have left over spaghetti noodles, so I made the sauce to put over the noodles, and we enjoyed it!

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