What Do You Do With Extra Money?


When my daughter went to her husband’s cousin’s wedding, my son in law’s uncle decided to hand her some extra cash, and he said, “Chal mokseo!” (Eat well!) It is too bad this uncle doesn’t use the computer because I would love him to see how much his nephew enjoyed the money he gave him!
This evening, I got a message from my daughter after work saying, “Meet me at Lotte Mall.” I got in my car and drove to Lotte Mall to meet her and her husband. I didn’t know what was up, but they said they wanted to do something special. However, they hadn’t decided what yet. They had money from his uncle, and they were going to use it. My daughter tried on a dress, but didn’t like it.

We knew we needed to eat, and I had made dinner that was waiting at home in the fridge, but they wanted to go out to eat. We discussed all the restaurants we knew at the mall and couldn’t come up with one we really wanted. Finally, my daughter said, “Let’s go to Outback!” I I said, “I didn’t realize there was an Outback at the mall,” and they said there wasn’t. I am always the chaufer in Korea because my daughter and son in law don’t want to drive, and I am the only one with a car. They wanted to get in my car and go to Outback, so we went to the Outback Steakhouse in Gangseo gu here in Seoul, S. Korea.
We usually only go to Outback for special occasions because it is so expensive. This wasn’t a special occasion, but how often do you have money you are told to burn? If they were going to burn money, they wanted to out to Outback because it is easily their favorite restaurant.

Alligators on the Wall

Outback was the pleasure it always is. The temperature, the atmosphere, the food—everything was perfect as usual. We were shown to an extra large booth close to the air conditioner.

There were lots of good things on the menu, and it was in English.

Kangaroos on the wall

The waiter could speak a little English, but we didn’t need it. We ordered in Korean. My son in law said, “Why did you guys speak Korean to him? He can speak English.” I had to tell my son in law that he was one of the few people I speak English to. I have a policy when I speak foreign languages. If people speak English better than I speak their language, I speak to them in English, but if I feel I speak their language better than they speak English, I use their language. It only makes sense because we should communicate as well as we can. I named off some people I spoke English to to my son in law, and I said, “You guys are the smart ones, the ones I know speak English better than I speak Korean. The rest of them get Korean from me.” I know lots of Koreans speak English, but lots of them don’t speak well, and I would rather work on my Korean skills than their English skills. Koreans see foreigners coming. They look at us as an opportunity to improve their English skills, and many make friends with foreigners just so they can speak English, but I don’t want to make English the only reason people talk to me.

Mushroom Soup Before the Meal
Next came our bread and Coca Cola Zero.

First, the waiter brought the mushroom soup. As usual, it was good. Before we finished our soup, they brought our Coca Cola Zeros and their wonderful bread and butter. I am not sure what kind of bread this brown bead is they serve at Outback, but it is always good, and the butter is real sweet creamy butter. Yum!

My son in law was really looking forward to his meal!

Next, they brought my son in law’s plate. I don’t know the name of what he ordered, but he really ordered! On his plate, there were ribs, fried chicken, and shrimp along with french fries with cheese melted over it. His plate was so big it was amazing he could eat it all. Next, they brought my daughter’s and my plate. My daughter and I always seem choose the same thing in food, in movies, in clothing, in religion, etc. It is kind of amazing sometimes how much we think alike. We just don’t disagree, and unlike some other families, having a fight never happens. There are times that in the morning she comes out of her bedroom and I come out of mine, and we look at one another and laugh because we are wearing the same thing. I really don’t understand how this kind of thing happens. We had ordered the same food, as usual. We both had a steak with vegetables and potatoes.

My daughter enjoyed her meal too.

The steaks were done exactly right. We ordered them well done, and they were well done. In some other restaurants in Korea, if you order a steak well done, it doesn’t matter, they will still bring it oozing blood, but we have had good luck at Outback with them listening when we say we want our steaks well done.

A Picture of My Meal

My daughter always eats fast, so she was done first. My son in law had so much on his plate that he ate for a long time, so I was finished second. We were sitting there waiting for quite a while for my son in law with his big plate of food that he thoroughly enjoyed! While we were checking out, they gave us some more of their wonderful bread to take home.
After we ate, we went to the car, and they said they wanted to go home because they were tired. We had the “Mama Mia” disc in, and we sang all the way home. It didn’t matter that there was a traffic jam because they were doing road work. Everyone enjoyed themselves singing loudly. My daughter saying, “Who needs a nore bang? We can sing in the car!” (Nore bang is a singing room.) Everyone was enjoying singing so much that when I pulled into the parking lot and had to turn the car off, I felt I had to apologize for turning the music off. My son in law suggested we take the discs into the apartment and continue singing, and i thought it was a good idea, but my daughter said the neighbors would get mad at us because we sing too loud. We left the music in the car and went in. They were tired after working all day and went to sleep right away, so I am using the time to write my blog and tell you about our evening. I told my son in law to be sure and thank his uncle, and I am sorry he can’t read my blog to understand how much we all enjoyed his gift.

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