“Mama Mia” Crazy!

When the first “Mama Mia” movie came out, everyone in Korea loved it! They had never heard of ABBA, but they heard because of the movie. After the movie came out, when my students wanted me to sing karaoke for them, I chose a “Mama Mia” song, “Dancing Queen,” and they were thrilled because they had all heard it, but none of them could sing it. They asked that I sing it again and again. Every time I turned around, they were handing me a microphone and asking me to sing it. It wasn’t just my students. My kids went out and bought an ABBA CD for me on my birthday. We enjoyed listening to it in the car and learning the other ABBA songs. However, now the second “Mama Mia” movie has come out, and things have really vamped up.

I went to see the movie with my daughter and son in law. After the movie, they were in love with Cher! They were even more in love with ABBA than before! They insisted on going out and buying the “Mama Mia” CD with all the new songs and the people from the movie singing the songs. They play it constantly in my car.

Dancing to “Mama Mia” songs in the hikoki

When we went to the mountains, we stayed in a pool hotel with a hinoki, a kind of Japanese hot tub, and my daughter turned on ABBA music on her cell phone. Everyone sang along in the hinoki. When I got out, my daughter and son in law were singing along and dancing to the ABBA music.







Last night, they showed just how “Mama Mia” crazy they have become. We went to the singing room. Right way, when we walked in, my son in law grabbed the controller. Usually, one person put in one song, and then another person puts in their song, and the next person gets to choose their song, etc. However, it was different last night. My daughter and son in law both decided they wanted “Mama Mia” songs. They reserved the whole night with only “Mama Mia” songs. If you wanted to sing, you had to sing a “Mama Mia” song. I know lots of other songs, and I like to sing them, but last evening was completely dedicated to “Mama Mia” songs. I know them, but not well enough to sing them all. I tried, but I floundered because I wasn’t used to singing them. They floundered too, but they didn’t care. They were just continuing have a good time with the “Mama Mia” songs. It was a whole hour of listening to them sing “Mama Mia” songs loud, off key, and out of tune. It was funny!

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