Romanian Style Homemade Ice Cream in the Fridge

My daughter is on vacation this week, and we decided to make homemade Romanian ice cream together today.  This is some of the best ice cream you will eat.  It as good as or better anything you can buy in the store.  My daughter says she likes it because she knows exactly what is in it.  When you buy it in the store and look on the package, you find corn syrup, preservatives, and names of things you don’t understand, but when you make homemade ice cream, you know what you put in it.  A Romanian Science teacher actually taught me how to make it, and I am going to tell you about it.

the ingredients for our Romanian ice cream

First, the ingredients are whipping cream, eggs, sugar, vanilla, and whatever other flavorings or toppings you want.  Today, besides whipping cream, eggs, sugar, and vanilla, we decided to use mint flavoring too.

We open the cartons of 4 cartons of whipping cream and dump them in a big bowl.
We whip the cream with our electric mixer.
When it stands up in peaks when you pull the beaters out, it is done.

We began by whipping the cream.  We used four small cartons of whipping cream that were 250 milliliters each and put them in a large bowl to whip them.. When we were in Romania, we got milk directly from the cow, then let it set and let the cream rise to the top. We skimmed the cream off the top and used that cream to make this ice cream. We whipped the cream with beaters until it was standing up.

Next, we separated 12 eggs into whites and yellows.


We began beating the eggs whites.
The eggs began getting white and frothy, but they aren’t finished yet.
Finally, the eggs whites are standing up like the whipping cream did, and we are finished with beating the egg whites.

Next, for the amount of whipping cream we used today, we used 12 eggs. We separated the egg whites from the eggs yellow.  We put the egg whites in another large bowl and put the egg yellows in another small bowl.  Make sure to clean the beaters after whipping the cream before you begin whipping the egg whites because if anything extra is in with the egg whites, they will not whip and stand up the way they are supposed to. Whip the egg white until they stand up. The Romanian lady taught me to take the egg yellows and heat them in a pan on the stove, but not cook them enough to let them get hard. Just cook them until they are warmed all the way through. Don’t use cooking oil, just put them in a pan and warm them and let them stay liquid. However, my daughter asked that we not use the egg yellows today because she says every time she tries to use the egg yellows, she messes the ice cream up, and she does better just to leave the egg yellows out. I consented to leave the egg yellows out today, and I covered them and put them in the fridge to use in an omelette later.

When we were in Romania, Romania was just coming out from under Communism.  The stores were bare, and it was hard to get the things we needed often.  I had made plans with the Science teacher for her to teach me to make Romanian ice cream, but when the time came, we began looking for the ingredients in the stores, and there were no eggs. That was quite normal for that time. The lack of food in the stores was one of the reasons for the revolution.  I was afraid we would have to put our plans off. We had a house in the village where we raised a pig, a couple of cows, and a horse in the barn, but we couldn’t raise chickens or puppies there, so we couldn’t have chickens for eggs.  The veterinarian told us there was some kind of virus on our property, and that after a certain amount of time the virus would leave, but our chickens and puppies kept dying because the virus was still there, so I couldn’t supply the eggs.  However, my Science teacher friend was Romanian.  Romanians know how to get things done.  If they didn’t, they would have starved under Communism. She wasn’t daunted by the lack of eggs in the stores.  She had a friend who worked in a restaurant at a big hotel called the Imparitul Romanilor (The Romanian’s Emperor). She traded rice to the restaurant for the eggs we needed.

We add both the whipped cream and the whipped egg whites to the same container in equal parts, then we fold them together.

After folding the eggs whites and the whipping cream into one container, we also put the remaining equal parts into the second container.


After both the whipping cream and the egg whites are whipped and standing up, fold them together. Don’t use the mixer this time.  Fold them together with a spoon.  If you use the mixer, you will cause the egg whites to fall.  We decided to use two different containers and make two different kinds of ice cream. When you make it, make sure there are equal parts of the whipping cream and eggs whites. If not, the inequality will make your ice cream runny.

We fold the vanilla and sugar into the larger container of whipping cream and eggs whites.

In our large container, we want to make vanilla ice cream. We fold in 1/2 cup sugar and 3 tablespoons of vanilla.  If you look at the vanilla we are using, it is powdered vanilla. When you travel, you use whatever you can find, and there are times we can only get powdered vanilla here, but it works just fine.

We fold sugar, vanilla, and mint flavoring into the second smaller container.

In our small container, we want to make mint ice cream.  We fold in 1/4 cup sugar and 1 teaspoon of vanilla. After that, my daughter adds several drops of mint flavoring.  If you have food coloring and want to make your ice cream mint, use green food coloring to make it look more like mint. However, food coloring is hard to find in Korea, so we decide not to bother with it, but just to leave our ice cream white. We fold everything in with a spoon.

We put them in the freezer without a lid. We come back once during the day to stir them.


When the two containers are finished, we put them in the freezer to set for several hours.  half way through, I stirred them, and they were doing just fine.  If you make your ice cream in the morning, you will have ice cream for desert in the evening.  After dinner, we decide to eat some of our ice cream.

After dinner, our ice cream is ready to eat. It stands up like the ice cream in the stores, but it is better.
I add chocolate chips and eat mint chocolate chip ice cream.
My daughter decides to have a little smaller dish, but adds M&M’s and sprinkles to her mint ice cream.
My son in law gets a bigger bowl and is looking for everything he can find to add to his. He is ready for a feast!

I put some in my desert dish, and my daughter decides to snap a picture of it wanting to show you that it is firm like ice cream in the store.  I chose mint flavored ice cream and added chocolate chips to mine.  My daughter decided to choose mint flavored ice cream too, but she decided to put M&M’s and sprinkles on hers.  My son in law chose a bigger bowl, vanilla ice cream, and all the toppings he could find.  He used the M&M’s, the chocolate chips, lots of sprinkles, and he was still looking through the fridge for chocolate sauce.  When you make yours, eat it any way you like it.  We enjoyed ourselves, and now you can too.  (When we put the ice cream back in the freezer after it is finished, we put a lid on it.)




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