The Pink Teddy Bear


Once, there was a family who had three kids. The father had a good job and was a very hard worker. The mother was a homemaker and also a very hard worker staying at home to take care of their small stair step kids who were 6, 4, and 2.

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One day, the dad came home telling the family about some kids he heard about. The kids had been taken away from their parents. He told them that the kids had been completely neglected. No one even knew those kids were there. They were never allowed out of their house, and their eyes had never even seen the light of the sun. The curtains at their house were always drawn, and there was never any light in the room. They weren’t fed properly, had never been to school, didn’t have proper clothing, and had no toys. The government decided to take the kids away from their parents and give them to new parents to love them and take care of them, who would give them the things they needed to grow properly.

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The little girl who was 4 years old was completely hurt to the heart worried about those children and asked her dad if the kids were okay. He said the kids eye were huge because they had never seen light, so when they brought the kids into the light, all you could see on their faces were their huge eyes.


The father decided he wanted to help the neglected children and at the same time teach his own children to give. He told his children that these children had never had any toys, and their new family was going to have to supply them with all the things they never had including toys, and he thought their family should help by his kids giving the children a toy. He put a box in the middle of the floor and told his children to each go to their bedrooms and find the best toy they had to share with these children who had never had anything. The parents expected the three children to bring their most expensive, fanciest toy. The oldest and the youngest child brought their most expensive, shiniest toys, but the little 4 year old girl brought an old, ragged, pink teddy bear. At first, the parents were shocked until they began to think.

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The little four year old girl had been in the hospital when she was 2 years old. She had been playing around the swings, and her older sister swung into her and kicked her, and she was rushed to the hospital. They thought perhaps it was an appendicitis, but they weren’t sure because she had a big purple knott on her side, but they decided she was too young to operate on. Instead, they packed her in ice, gave her an IV, gave her shots, etc. Eventually, she was well enough to go home again. While she was in the hosptial, someone brought her a pink teddy bear. The pink teddy bear brought her an overwhelming amount of comfort. It was packed in ice right along with her. It went everywhere with her. She never let it go. She needed the comfort. It went home from the hospital with her too. The little girl had been through a terrible ordeal to be so young. The pink teddy bear had almost become a rag because it went through everything she went through, but she couldn’t see it as a ragged teddy bear, but a a comforting beautiful pink teddy bear.

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The little four year old girl had never even had a nickel in her hand. She didn’t know anything about money or the value of things that are shinny and new. She only knew about the value of comfort. She knew those neglected children needed comfort, so she gave them her comfort. She gave them love. She gave them the best she had. She understood something from the beginning that it takes some people a whole life to to figure out, and some never do.

(These pictures aren’t real, but the story is.)

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