Good Pizza in Seoul, S. Korea

Friday evening, we met at Lotte Mall by Gimpo Airport. We were planning on going to the movies, but we met early thinking we would go out to eat first, but we weren’t quite sure where we should eat.  We talked about many places.  Big, soft pretzels are good, but not good for dinner.  We have eaten at the corn dog place a lot, but we are tired of corn dogs.  They took our favorite hamburger place out. The Japanese food place purports to be Japanese, but it is Korean, and we don’t want our food smothered in chili spice.  The Mexican place is good, but expensive and uses too much chili spice.  We never want to go to Lotteria, Korea’s McDonald’s, because it is worse than McDonald’s.  We wondered if we would have to leave the mall to be happy with our food.  Finally, my daughter suggested Pizza Kitchen. We had never been to Pizza Kitchen, and we wondered if it wasn’t good and in our price range. We decided to try Pizza Kitchen.

There is a big sign out front advertising their french fries with mayonnaise.

It is located on the Main floor in the center of the mall.  It is across the way from the escalator and the elevator that goes up to the theater.

Koreans love discounts, collecting points, etc., and there is a sign in front of the door of Pizza Kitchen with offers.

Even though the air conditioning was running in the mall, the mall was crowded, and we were still sweating.  However, when we entered Pizza Kitchen, it was noticeable cooler than the hallway of the mall.  The air conditioning actually seemed to be doing some good.  There was a hostess who showed us to our table. We had the choice of a table with four chairs around it or a booth, and we chose a booth.

The menu sign in front of the restaurant.

The waiter brought the menus right away.  He spoke wonderful English!  He spoke so well you might have thought you were talking to an American.  There were other things on the menu besides pizza. There were many different kinds of pizza, but also pasta dishes.  They also served french fries with mayonnaise on them. After looking at the menu a bit, we decided on Pepperoni Pizza Supreme.  We were happy because we have been to many restaurants that don’t serve our favorite drink, Coca Cola Zero, but this place serves it.

inside the restaurant
our “fancy” cups
It is unusual to get this much ice in Korea.

The waiter brought our drinks right away after taking our order.  We were surprised because the drinks were brought in canning mugs like mason jars.  I was also surprised because they were so generous with the ice.  There have been times that they put so little ice in my drink here that I end up going back and making them add a little ice because it is like there is none in my drink. However, they were very generous with the ice.  They also gave free refills on the drinks.

Our pizza with extra cheese grated on top.

When they brought our pizza, Pepperoni Pizza Supreme was a regular pepperoni pizza with no extra onions or any crazy surprises. When the waitress put it on the table, she had cheese and a grater with her and offered to grate more cheese on top of our pizza, so we let her.  It was a good sized pizza fir 17,000 won and enough for three people.  We each had two large slices, and it tasted great.  The pizza itself was really thin. There is no thick crust pizza or pan pizza here.

a thin piece of pizza

The music was loud and upbeat.  Korean voices are loud and carry, but the music was so loud it drowned out the voice.

I was so comfortable, if I hadn’t been sitting in a restaurant, I could have easily just sat there and gone to sleep.  My daughter suggested it was because the air conditioning had cooled me off and I was sitting on a comfortable chair. We sat there, ate our pizza, and enjoyed ourselves until it was time to leave to go see the movie.   We made a good choice of places to eat.

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