A German Restaurant in Korea


“I saw a restaurant when I was riding the bus, and I want to try it! I think it is a copy of Wendy’s,” my son in law said. I thought Wendy’s sounded like a good idea. I explained that Wendy’s was the first restaurant I went to after I got out of the hospital after my daughter was born in Budapest, Hungary. My daughter asked if her husband knew what they sold at Wendy’s, but he wasn’t sure. I explained that they sell big hamburgers and bowls of chili. He said the picture on this restaurant looked like Wendy’s, a little girl with red hair, so maybe they were similar. My daughter wasn’t convinced and wanted to go to Burger King, but I like to try new things, so I encouraged my son in law to take us there.




We all got in the car and headed over to Sunny’s, the restaurant he had seen from the bus. We took the road we usually take from Bangwha Dong to Gayang Dong. He kept saying it was by Home Plus, the big department store that has Ashley’s Restaurant and also close to a theater we go by often that has crowds where celebrities gather that we usually ignore. I was real unsure about where we were going because my son in law didn’t know where he was taking us either. I had my daughter take a picture of the street sign in case anyone else wants to go there, and my son in law took a picture of the statue in front of the restaurant for you too.

There were lots of pink parking places that only women can use for parking.

Most of the building had fences around it, and I wondered if we would have to park in the parking lot at Home Plus, but my son in law said usually all buildings have a parking lot below them, and we drove around finally finding the parking lot under the building. There were lots of pink parking places which means they are for women and I said, “Oh! I can park here because I am a woman!” My son in law came back with his quirky sense of humor excitedly saying, “Yes! We are all women! We can park here!” He thought I should take his picture with the little pink girl in the parking space close to us, but my daughter told him no. There were two buildings connected to this parking garage, and ours was Tower B. We went up the elevator for Tower B to the first floor.

The restaurant sign in the hallway inside the building
Menus in the  hallway

The hallway was warm, but we weren’t far from Sunny’s. We found the entrance from inside the building and went in. It was bright! All the chairs were bright yellow and the walls were white, bright yellow, and bright blue. The color scheme went along with the name. The front wall of the restaurant leading outside as well as the wall leading to the inside of the building were glass, and the room was very brightly lit. The air conditioning was on full blast. It was much cooler than they usually keep places of business in Korea. It was so cool that after being in there for a while, I was on the verge of wishing for a sweater which is very different for Korea in the summer. This place was not like Wendy’s. There were no hamburgers, but there was chili, but not in a bowl.

Everything was bright, and there were young Koreans ordering after we did.

It was a German fast food restaurant. There was sour kraut on the menu. There were also chili dogs and grilled cheese sandwiches. My daughter ordered a chicken sandwich on a bun. My son in law ordered fried chicken with a red spicy sauce (a Korean food) and Cajun fries (french fries with mayonnaise sprinkled with chili spice on top. I ordered something called a cheese/potato hot dog. There were no diet drinks, only sugary drinks, so I had to put up with sugar in my drink. My son in law and I got Pepsi, and my daughter got Sprite. We were given a little round thing that signaled us when our order was ready.

We had chicken with a spicy sauce and Cajun french fries, a cheese/potato hot dog, and a cold chicken sandwich.

The restaurant was almost empty. There were other people who ordered after we did, and I could see they were young people. This is a restaurant the young Korean people would appreciate. Unlike other restaurants we had been to in Korea, the noise level was not off the charts loud because there were only a few customers and the music was playing, but not overpowering. They played K-Pop songs, and then they played a song in English, and my daughter said the artist was from New Zealand and had gotten popular by posting a video on You Tube. I could see the guy sitting at the table next to us had been there for a long time. He had two finished drink glasses on the table, a computer, and a book to help him study to take an English test. He also got up and ordered food while we were there and another drink. He was still sitting there studying when we left.
When our food came, my daughter wasn’t satisfied. She said her sandwich was okay, but it was cold. It was left over chicken on a sour dough bun that wasn’t even microwaved, and she felt like it was something she could have easily put together at home in just a couple of minutes. My son in law enjoyed his spicy sauce on the fried chicken and cajun french fries. My hot dog was not a traditional hot dog. The bun was a sour dough bread roll, not a regualr hot dog bun which is good. It hadn’t been heated at all which is okay. The hot dog was not a regular hot dog. It was more like something you would buy in Europe, and I liked it. Unlike my daughter’s cold chicken, my hot dog was heated. The potato part of my cheese/potato hot dog was french fries cut up in bite sized pieces and put on the hot dog in the bun, and they had also taken cheddar cheese sauce and drizzled it over the top. The only time I have eaten french fries in the bun before was in Bucharest, Romania at a restaurant called Springtime where they put french fries and cold slaw inside the bun of your hamburgers. The food at Sunny’s wasn’t my favorite meal, but it wasn’t bad. It wasn’t expensive either. It was worth the price. It was the like the price you would pay at McDonalds.

Inside the restaurant was better lit than the hallway.

My daughter was in a good mood and wanted to go to the singing room afterward, and my son in law thought we should go grocery shopping. I looked at the clock and realized it was already 8:00 and they both had to be awake early for work the next day. I suggested to them that we grocery shop tomorrow evening and go to the singing room another time, and they understood and thought I was right. We went back to the car where my car was parked in the pink zone and my son in law was still cracking jokes about the pink parking space, and then we went on home. Sunny’s was good, but it wasn’t Wendy’s. It was German/Korean fast food in Korea.

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