It’s All New!—-Well, Almost….

Koreans love to redo everything!  They plow up roads and redo them.  They plow up flower beds and redo them.  They want everything new!  We have seen our favorite restaurant that was very popular close, and then they put another restaurant in its place. They went from Burger Hunter, an extremely popular restaurant, to a corn dog place at the mall.  When they closed everyone’s favorite food court over at E-Mart, we were all worried.  It was so popular that it was like a huge school cafeteria, and sometimes, it was hard to get a seat so many people liked to eat there.  We all really liked the tonkatsu, the mandu, the noodles, the rice, the nemyeong, Burger King, omul rice, curried rice, and all the different kinds of food that were served there.  They had put up walls and closed it off with a sign that it wouldn’t be open until the end of June or first of July.  We couldn’t believe it because it was so popular, but being popular had not stopped them before.  Everyone speculated on why it could have happened, but no one knew. It has finally opened again, so we went to check it out.

The entrance to the new bakery
The menu at the new bakery


(In the bakery, there is black bread made with squid ink, nice plain white bakery bread, garlic bread, blocks of cake with chocolate icing drizzled over he top, etc.)

The main entrance to the new food court

It used to be a big open area full of tables and chairs with restaurants all around on the walls, but it is closed off now with two entrances.  One of the entrances is to a bakery.  The bakery also serves drinks and has tables, and lots of interesting looking types of bread and cake.  The other door actually leads directly back into the food court.  It begins with a hallway by Baskin Robbins that was never blocked off, and as you go into the hallway, you learn that Burger King wasn’t touched even though it was blocked off, thank goodness!  We like having an inexpensive place we can buy American food if we want.

We are so happy that Burger King is still there!

I met my daughter at Burger King for dinner, and while we were waiting for our food, I went around and checked the rest of the restaurants out and went to see what had changed.  First, I encountered a Japanese noodle restaurant next to Burger King.  In the food court that was there before, you had to pay at one cash register in the front of the food court, and they gave you a number that would come up on a lighted board in front of the restaurant where you picked up your food, but that has changed.  Now, each restaurant has its own cash register. Before, there was a glass case at the entrance to the food court that had models of the food you could eat with a number next to them, and you just gave the number to the lady at the main cash register when you paid, and that is where you got your number that was put on the lighted board when the food was finished. However, now each restaurant has its own menu posted like Burger King had all along.  Burger King had been the only restaurant that didn’t have models of their food in the glass case, but now the glass case was gone.

A Japanese noodle restaurant
The menu from the Japanese noodle restaurant

As I went on into the main part of the food court, I could see there was still a large area full of tables and chairs, but the tables and chairs had changed.  The tables were actually a bit fancier with a heavy pedestal below instead of four table legs, and all the plastic chairs with metal legs had been replaced for wooden chairs. If you look on the people’s plates, you can see they were still selling noodles, rice, mandu, and tonkatsu.  Surely, even though the restaurants were new, people will still be able to find their favorite foods for a decent price here.


The food court is still spacious with lots of customers.

I went around and took pictures of all the different restaurants for you.  I couldn’t get a shot of some of the menus because there were too many people standing in front of them. To me, that meant that the people still like the food.

The people were in front of the menu, so I don’t know what they are serving.
This place serves noodles and tonkatsu, a type of pork chops that are served in both Japan and Korea that is very good!


A restaurant serving nemyeong, a type of Korean cold noodles
The menu from the nemyeong restaurant says all their food is traditional Korean food. 
We were so glad they didn’t take Burger King out!  This is our meal this evening.

After that, I went back to my table where my food from Burger King was waiting.  When you are American in Korea, it is nice to know that you can still find a cheap, but tasty American meal.  As I look at the picture, I see both a big sandwich and french fries for me, but don’t worry, I never eat all the fries, and today, I barely ate any and couldn’t even finish the sandwich. I like American food, but my stomach can’t take everything I would like to eat.  If you see the size of the drinks, that is as big as drinks get in Korea with no refills.  In a Burger King or other fast food restaurant in America, I realize these drinks might be classified as medium, but here in Korea, they are large.  When we first came to Korea, at this Burger King, we could get free refills on our drinks, but they stopped that policy. They had to because Koreans abused it. Koreans very often share a plate of food or a drink.  They began buying a small drink for two or three people, and just getting each person a separate straw and getting the free refills again and again, and Burger King stopped giving free refills away because people were taking advantage of them.

The advertisement for the new food court by the elevator.

When we went back to our car, I saw an advertisement for the new opening of the food court at the elevator.  My daughter and I are very happy the food court is back, and I know everyone else is too.  The food court being back is good news, and the fact that they didn’t take Burger King out is also very good news.

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