American to the Movies in Korea


People are learning from my blog that S. Korea is a very modern country, and in
S. Korea, just like in any other civilized modern country, people go to the movies. My son in law loves to go to see super hero movies, and there is another Avengers movie out that he wanted us to go and see with him, so we went, and I will take you along with us.
When we first came to Korea, if we wanted to go to the movies, we went over to Mok Dong to Hundai Department Store. It is an extremely tall building that has lots of stores, a food court, and a movie theater like an American mall, but instead of a big building spralling out over several blocks like in America, Hundai Department Store is a big tall building with a parking garage in the bottom. However, in the past few years, we got a mall that looks a little more like an American mall inside with long hallways spralling out in several directions, but the Koreans can’t resist the tall buildings, so this building is also tall. Now, we go to the movies over at Lotte Mall close to Gimpo Airport, and you can go up a tower to the very top of the all where there is a garden type spot and look over Gimpo Airport from the top of the mall. Now, we go to the movies at Lotte Mall by Gimpo Airport. If you look of a map of Seoul, you can see Gimpo Airport.

My son in law works at the mall, and he keeps an eye on the movie theater because he likes movies. He always knows what movies are showing, when they are showing, and what time to go to make your tickets the cheapest. There are times he takes us to the movies at 12:00 at night so he can take the whole family to the movies. However, this time, we went late, but we didn’t have to wait until 12:00 to get the tickets cheap, but the movie started at 10:30 at night.

My son in law had to work until 10:00, so he sent my daughter early to buy the tickets. You can buy the tickets the normal way at the box office if you want, but she prefers to buy them at the machines. There is an English option, and you can pay with your debit or credit card. After buying the tickets, she came home.

At 10:00, my son in law was still at work, and we were leaving the house. We drove over to Gimpo Mall and parked in the parking garage. We took the escalators up several flights, and the shops are closed. However, the restaurants and coffee shops are open. We get off the escalators and walk straight ahead to the elevator that takes us up to the movie theater.

As we get off the elevator, we begin by seeing movie posters. As we enter the theater, I smell caramel popcorn, my favorite. I never used to eat popcorn because I didn’t like to get it in my teeth, but when I heard that it was low in calories and you could eat all you wanted while on a diet, I began eating it. Eventually, I had to switch from salted popcorn to caramel popcorn because I had ulcer problems, and caramel popcorn is better for your stomach than salted popcorn, and I love caramel popcorn!







We go in and look at the movie posters of the movie we want to see as well as other movie posters. Some movies are Korean movies. Others are American movie or even French movies or from other countries, but usually, they are Korean or American. I see a sign where Peter Rabbit is coming, but my daughter says she doesn’t want to see it.
We decided to get snacks while we are waiting for my son in law to arrive.


There is a new milk place, and my daughter wants to get a milkshake, but they tell us that we are there too late and they only serve milk shakes earlier in the day. We stand in line at the concessions counter. My daughter plans on buying everyone’s snacks and asks what I want. I tell her that usually I eat caramel popcorn and my son in law will want that too because he and I always split a big container of caramel popcorn. He will want Pepsi, but I don’t want Pepsi. I don’t like to drink soda pop with sugar in it, and they don’t sell it here without sugar. I like vitamin water, so I plan to drink vitamin water. While we are talking, my son in law shows up. He says I was exactly right about what he wanted. When we order, they tell us there is no more vitamin water, so I just order a bottle of water. When they bring my water, it is not cold. I almost wish I had ordered Pepsi like my son in law and daughter because it has ice in it.
We head up the tower to the movie theaters by way of another escalator. There are several theaters on each floor. Finally, we get to our floor, and there are people waiting outside, then the attendant lets us in, and we go to our theater.

As we walk in, it is like a theater in America. However, there are some things that are different. To begin with, we have to buy a particular seat and sit there like we are buying seats on an airplane. We can’t sit anywhere except the seat that we bought. We always buy our seats up front because in this theater, there are foot stools in the front. In Korea, it is normal to take your shoes off in many places, and at the theater, you can take your shoes off and put your feet up if you want, and we want. It is like sitting in a reclyner to watch the movie.

The advertisements begin on the screen. There is a milk commercial that stars an older Korean lady and a young man. There is another commercial that stars a group of young guys that are so pretty they almost look like girls. They are probably a K-Pop group. Another commercial stars a pretty young Korean woman who looks like she is 14 years old, but could very well be 30 years old. Koreans stay young looking for a long time, and seem to get old overnight. There is also a commercial staring Yuna Kim, the famous ice skating Olympian. At this point, I turn my phone off because I can’t legally show you the movie.



We watch the movie, and at the end, they open the door for everyone to leave, but after I put my shoes back on and stand up, I realize most of the people are still sitting in the theater not movie a muscle. Are they on their cell phones? Are they asleep? The bad guys won in the movie, so my daughter thinks that perhaps they think they movie isn’t over and they are waiting for a surprise ending, but there is no more to this movie. There will surely be sequels.

We walk out into the hallway, and they have a place where certain types of drink containers and other things are recycled. Afterward, we go on to the elevator. In the elevator, I get a shot of the sign that tells you what is on each floor. We are able to take the elevator back down to the parking garage, so we go to find our car. It is 1:00 at night.
As we drive out, there is a man in a booth who stops us. He wants to see our movie ticket to make sure we weren’t just using the parking garage and doing nothing in the mall. When we went over the to Hundai Department store, we learned that if we don’t collect all our receipts while we are inside, the man sitting in the booth will charge us to get out. However, we have learned to collect all or receipts, and since we began coming to Lotte Mall, we have never been charged for parking in their garage, and Lotte Mall seems to be more lenient than Hundai was. We drive out into the night and on home to sleep.

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